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Dating a Godly woman-Women looking for Men

Introducing Jesus in your relationship is the best recipe for having a healthy relationship leading to marriage. There are uncountable benefits to dating a Godly woman. A Godly woman has submitted to the will of God and so she will always encourage you to do what is right and there will be no case of heartbreak that is common with worldly and selfish women.

I am a Christian and single. I am waiting to meet the man God intended for me.  Click the below link to get more info and reply if interested. Why we should wait for a Godly partner? we should realize the value of a partner who has a soft heart towards God. Most people value qualities that are useless.

Dating a God-fearing Woman

A God-fearing partner that loves God is a great treasure to you and your family. Don’t go for material possession that may end any minute, God will bless also the hardworking woman or man in your church that obeys his word.

Most ladies commit a big mistake by marrying bad boys thinking they will walk with them to church, no, most of them are not after Godly marriages with you.

Do you want God fearing wife or husband? Pray to God to lead you to the one intended for you and that’s a Godly woman or man, the one who loves God and does what he want. A Godly woman or man reads the bible every day and prays. 

As a woman or man looking for a Godly partner, don’t overlook a Godly man because you are looking for a flashy type that doesn’t have any character.  God is a treasure in marriages, don’t forget this.

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Advantages of Dating a Godly woman

You will see a big change with a Godly woman, your relationship or marriage will be blessed because both of you will be living a life that pleases God. Your Godly woman will have true love, authentic love that is commanded by God.

The bible says “love is not quick to anger and is kind” hence your partner will keep some emotions in control. Christian soul mates are united by God, they pray and go to church together. Which man doesn’t want this, men and women are tired of being heartbroken, just invite God into your life and you will see a big change.

Ways to know you are Dating a Godly Woman

praying soulmate


A Godly woman cannot play games with his husband emotions, when she commits, she makes sure she does 100%. There is no room for guessing and she will not tolerate games too. She will not be looking to be just a girlfriend but a wife.

She prays for her husband and marriage.  A Godly woman is prayerful and faithful. She will constantly pray for her man to succeed in his daily life and if something were to happen in the relationship or marriage, her first reaction would be to pray rather than argue.

She will not ask for intercourse before marriage: when dating a Godly woman, she will not tempt or pressure for sex until marriage. Through prayer, a woman who is led by God will manage her sexual desires until she says I do. God comes first in her life.

A Godly woman will respect you: you will know you are dating a Godly woman because she will treat you with respect, she will be with you through hard and easy times, you will be her number 1 supporter.

Godly woman puts God first before you:  she will love you but God will come first. Loyalty to God will be her first priority hence she will not agree to do contrary to the word of God.

Godly woman loves you unconditionally: through marriage has its challenges, a Godly woman never changes her love for you. Her love is still the same, either you become sick, a successful businessman or loss a job, her love will not change. A Godly woman will love you unconditionally unlike a worldly woman.

Christian Interracial Dating

Are you looking to date a Christian of the opposite race than yours? We have a Christian interracial dating platform where you get to view the available personal advert for free and reply if interested.

Viewing and replying is free, unlike other interracial dating websites that charge you to access premium features like viewing contacts or sending a reply. Christians from different backgrounds or color can come together and connect through an interracial platform like this.

It is important to be equally yoked with someone who shares same Christian believes like you as instructed by the word of God hence Christian interracial dating gives you a perfect chance to meet someone like that.

Christian soul matesBorn again believers dating site

At this born-again believers dating platform, marriage is a sacred covenant blessed by God between Christian soul mates. So it’s not just romance and love but God has a plan for those who enter into it.

Genesis 2:18, “for it is not good for man to be alone, I will make a companion for him to be a helper”.  I created this born-again believers dating platform because not all people can get Christian soulmates in the church. This is a platform where you will grow spiritually too.

watch this video, has good Christian dating advice tips, applies to men too. 

 Women looking for Interracial Relationships

There are some women who love dating men from other cultural backgrounds. Interracial dating gives them an opportunity to experience a different culture from the one they are used to.

Best places for an Interracial Dating

So where are women looking for interracial dating found? You can get one at this interracial dating platform where there is a personal ad listing, check above and reply. Alternatively, you can get women at other interracial dating sites but most charges to access their premium services. 

Single women are online and are waiting for you. The single African or Kenyan girl at this interracial platform is looking for someone serious, can meet and settle after knowing each other.

Reasons to date an Ebony woman

African American or African Women always value true love than material things. There are many success stories and most met at interracial dating platform so don’t give up on finding your true love.

Our interracial dating platform is dedicated to forming genuine connections with African women that will lead to very successful interracial marriages.

Something to note is that African women have respect for their husbands’ a lot. Good character was an important aspect when growing up. This is why there are not many divorces with African families.

They have too much love to give hence their husbands are treated like kings. Be sure of being pampered when you marry an ebony lady. Their husband comes first in everything and they are romantic.

Reasons why some Ebony women are into interracial relationships

Culture: most Ebony women are curious to explore different culture than theirs. More ebony African women are becoming open to interracial relationships.

Influence: with the modern technology, more and more successful interracial marriages have emerged online and on tv and this has promoted this kind of relationships. There are many interracial couples that inspire ebony women to look for interracial relationships.

Interracial Dating Kenya-Kenyan Women looking for foreign men

For many Kenyan ladies, the goal of interracial dating is to find a long-lasting relationship with a likeminded person. Kenya boasts one of the educated, well mannered and attractive ladies hence there cannot be a shortage of getting a suitable partner.

Many Kenyan ladies are Christians and you will be happy to get a partner that you will share the same values. The best way to date interracial in Kenya is by heading online, that’s where many Kenyan singles ladies are.

Interracial dating online in Kenya not only allows the creation of informative profiles but it allows communication as well.

What to look in a Kenyan girl?

Go for a Kenyan girl that has a beautiful heart: Many men tend to focus only on physical appearances, remember not all that glitters is gold. Is she respectful, kind and not selfish? A pretty face is good but let it not the only thing you are looking for.

Wife material: this is an important thing to put in mind when dating interracially in Kenya. Will she be someone you will marry or you want to just past time with her? Make sure both are like minded so no one is hurt on the process.  Dating is not a game, feelings are involved, energy, time and money are spent learning each other.

Kenyan lady that is happy being with you: be with a Kenyan lady that is interested and happy to be with you and not just because you are providing. Is there chemistry, does she makes you smile, if all these is yes, then you will have found the right girl for you. Nobody is perfect but being with someone who makes you happy, good character and likeminded is someone worth treasuring.

There is interracial dating in Kenya. So where can you find single Kenyan girls looking to enter into interracial marriage? Don’t look more; we have 1 personal ad listing above of a Kenyan lady residing in Bahrain, click to view and reply if interested.  Kenyan women are very social and they can be spotted too at social places.

Women looking for Men

Interracial dating Atlanta

Atlanta single women are always asking, “Where are the single men”. There are millions of unmarried women in Atlanta who are looking for nice guys to marry and the sad news is, they are at a dilemma on where to find them.

The key for women to meet someone special is interracial online dating or offline dating. 

For those who love interracial Dating Atlanta, there is no an easy place to meet someone from other race. You can start with online interracial dating and later offline so as to meet a good woman or a man who you can build your future with.

Always be alert with eyes open, head up and smile when you make eye contact with a male. The rest should be a history between you two.

Interracial dating London

My friend has dated interracially for many years and it is not big deal for her. She sees men of all creeds, countries and walks of life unique and attractive in their own way and she is not tied to date a particular race.

She has seen lots of interracial couples in the UK, particularly in London. People are more open now and many women now in London can enjoy dating men from different backgrounds. More and more ebony women are loved for their unique personalities and beauty.

You want to date someone of the opposite race in London but you don’t know where to begin? This is the major challenge most singles face. Meeting likeminded person face to face is even harder. Only by luck, you can meet a perfect partner from a friend, bar or store.

The easiest place to meet likeminded singles in London is an interracial platform. Interracial dating websites have people from all backgrounds looking for serious relationships.





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