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As for Idahoan potatoes - they will be mine, all mine. We don't necessarily need violence. As long as the world accepts the Generals' rule. Anyone that doesn't accept the Canadian way will have the Canadian way beaten into them.
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First Trailer Of Rebellion's Evil Genius 2: World Domination

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Then we come back to the present where Scott chats with Adam and Christina from our strategy team on just how likely that Libra-dominated future could be. We also get to hear from two members of our global team, Felipe Kopaitic from our LatAm team and Kambiz Djafar from our EMEA team, who shared their thoughts on how Libra adoption could play out in their respective region. What We Covered: What the world would look like if Libra were to become the global currency The many challenges that Facebook faces in launching Libra next year The benefits that Facebook stands to gain from Libra and the resulting privacy concerns The importance of earning consumer trust and overcoming regulatory hurdles How the LatAm and European markets will likely respond to Libra Takeaways for brand marketers wondering how Libra will impact consumer behavior We only had time to read the first part of the speculative short story that Richard wrote. If interested, you can read the full version of the short story here. For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.
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Evil Genius 2 - Coming Soon

The UN is clearly embarrassed — for good reason. Too much tobacco? Read for yourself what the World Economic Forum has to say about this topic. The direction is determined by the largest and most influential who contribute the most money.
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By , they will have caught up. By , they will be better than us. By , they will dominate the industries of AI. They Have More Data. China really has taken Big Data to the next level.

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    A fine casting video. BRCC seem so fine !! Thanks.

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    am i the only one who thought in the beginning when he was playing with her clit how the fuck are you doing that to her i was watching so close lol to find out how i could do this s**t

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