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And yet there was something lyrical and occasionally irresistible at the core of the enterprise. In the spectacles that opened and closed the ceremony held in Pyeongchang, South Korea, the symbol of a dove recurred again and again. Was the sense of aspiration the symbol inspired just the result of a masterful deployment of visual propaganda? Or is there really a reason to hope that the Korean peninsula — and the Olympic Games taking place there — will not be the site of the endgame of the human race? For those of us who want or need to believe the latter, the opening ceremony allowed us to latch on to that hope, if only for a few hours. Of course, the ceremony also had to contend with many conflicting political realities.

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People will be jostling you from the moment you set foot off the plane. There are fifty million people in this country, and if you want to get anywhere you will have to shove some people out of your way. Also, the elderly of Korea are gravitationally challenged, so you will not always see it coming when they shove you out of the way. English education is seen as crucial to the future of the nation and of individual families; the previous president even ran on the promise that he would increase English education to the point that all high schoolers would be able to hold a conversation with an English-speaking foreigner. Stop laughing! Anyways, in reality many of these students and former students will have better English grammar than you, but they will be unable or unwilling to speak it with you, not having had enough conversational practice to satisfy a cultural threshold for not losing face as would occur by speaking broken English.

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Most of the storefronts are shuttered during the daytime and come alive at sundown. But business is slower than usual, partly because of the bad economy but also, according to government officials, due to the success of the Anti-Sex Trafficking Law, which was enacted five years ago amid great fanfare to beef up existing anti-prostitution laws. However, except for cosmetic changes, the lucrative sex trade is still very much around, experts say.

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