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All rights reserved Photograph by Chase Dekker Read Caption A photographer in Monterey Bay spotted a humpback accidentally trapping a sea lion when both species were snacking on the same bait ball. The fish attract other predators as well, resulting in spectacular feeding frenzies. Usually, the predators avoid each other, and sea lions typically swim out of the way as the humpbacks prepare to eat. This process, called lunge-feeding , constists of charging toward and engulfing food in a huge mouthful. The whales then push out the water and strain the fish through flexible comb-like structures in their mouths called baleen. When the sea lions pop back up, the whales are typically 10 to 30 seconds behind them.
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The fact is, a normal nose produces about a liter of mucus a day. Normally it drains from the back of the nose and down the throat where it is swallowed. With this much mucus being produced in a normal state, it would be hard to call post-nasal drip a disease. Awareness of it is a symptom.
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The choice of using Piper Kerman's memoir on the time she spent in prison for money laundering and drug trafficking as a vehicle for these themes was a savvy one; as the show's creator Jenji Kohan explained to NPR, Chapman's white upper-middle class story provided a "trojan horse" for telling the stories that few others with similar platforms delved into at the time. But since then, public awareness of the failures of the criminal justice system has increased, paving the way for a number of television and film projects exploring the carceral system from the perspective of marginalized individuals, including When They See Us and If Beale Street Could Talk. Now, as OITNB rolls into its final season, its use of Piper as a device for making the harsh realities of prison life more accessible and entertaining feels, at best, beside the point. At worst, it trivializes the serious issues that the show tries to champion.

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