Waxing in Bahrain-Call to receive our home waxing

Save yourself from the stress of traffic in Bahrain by calling our home waxing in Bahrain at the comfort of your house, hotel, office or even hospital.

 With the revolution of delivery of goods and services in Bahrain, why not home waxing?

-A polite, experienced beautician will come to you to do waxing.

-disposable towel, quality wax strips, fruit wax, powder, and waxing oil will be used.

Prices of Home Waxing In Bahrain

  • Full hands and legs waxing-12 bd
  • Full body waxing-22 bd
  • Full hands or full legs waxing-6bd
  • Bikini-5bd

More about Waxing in Bahrain

-Waxing is a long lasting hair removal method.

-Waxing needs an experienced, expert like me with the right technique to remove hair gently without breaking it or causing too much pain. I see several customers changing salons after having a brutal experience.

-Depending on the parts of the body and thickness of hair, each part of the body should be treated differently when doing waxing because some parts are more sensitive example under arms and its environ hence care should be taken not to peel skin. We hold loose skins tightly when waxing to avoid injuries and deliver the best results.

– First, the powder is spread thinly to absorb extra moisture. A thin layer of wax is applied in the direction of hair; take care not to burn customer. Then a strip is placed, pressed well, and quickly taken to remove it with hair on the opposite direction.

waxing in bahrain

Painless Waxing in Bahrain

There are numbing creams that really work. If you have one, apply 30 minutes before getting waxing done on you. You can also take over the counter painkiller like ibuprofen or aspirin 30minutes before getting the wax job to minimize pain. After waxing, oil should be gently massaged on to your skin, avoid tight clothing or direct sun exposure for 24 hours.

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