Thai Massage Juffair,Amwaj & Reef Island

The commonly practiced massages in Bahrain are deep tissue massage, relaxation and Thai massage juffair,Amwaj. Natasha has already covered the difference between deep tissue and relaxation massages. Now we will have a look at Thai massage.

About Thai massage

Thai massage is more extensive and energizing than the two traditional types of massage; deep tissue and relaxation massage though they are good in relaxation of the muscles.

Thai massage can be done by anyone who knows how to do it professionally.  This is because it originated from India then spread to Thailand contrary to popular beliefs that it originated from there.

This type of massage is an ancient healing involving application of pressure to various points on the body. It contains various passive stretching movements that involve hands, legs, feet and even knee to move client into yoga like stretches; the video below explains more.

So no normal lying on the massage table waiting to relax, there has to be movement between the client and the massage therapist. All share in inhalations, exhalations and opening of mind and soul.

massage juffair
Thai massage juffair

What to expect in Thai Massage in juffair etc

The receiver is supposed to put comfortable clothes that allow movements and stretches.

-He or she should be ready to be stretched and moved hence surrender your body to the massager.

-you can bring water if you desire

More facts about Thai massage

It has roots in yoga, Buddhism and Ayurveda.

-Thai massage is the modern name given to ancient bodywork traditions, it’s a lazy man’s yoga done on a massage table.

-In this type of massage, muscle compression, acupressure and joint mobilization are extensively used. It is also relaxing, energizes and suited for stiff and tired muscles.

So whichever location of Bahrain you are, be it in Manama, Juffair, Amwaj Island, order for our professional thai massage juffair, amwaj, and we will bring at your door step with our qualified massage therapist, Natasha.

Thai Massage Price in Juffair etc

Thai massage can be a lot more pricy here in Bahrain but we are affordable if you book with Natasha. Cash is the most preferred mode of payment,20 bd for 1 full hour with natasha unlike other spas here in Bahrain which charge more with less time of 30 minutes.

You get complete professional massage from your head to toe and charge includes all expenses.

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