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Salon Decor

Nothing enhances your salon environment like an indoor tabletop water fountain. Imagine your salon turned into a peaceful refuge by the soothing sounds and shimmering highlights of falling water. Breathe in and notice the air is touched with energy and cleansed of pollutants. Indoor table fountains humidify and cleanse the air we breathe and promote peace and tranquility in your salon or office. Relax to the sounds of flowing water as you receive your favorite manicure or pedicure.

Indoor fountains have long been associated with prosperous people and places but now they are surprisingly affordable. These table top water fountains have low maintenance and high reward. They do not cost much at all, unless you are interested in one of the more artistic or personalized table top water fountains. Within weeks you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one sooner. You’ll probably even be adding them to more rooms in the house.

Tabletop Water Fountain Reviews

We have selected 11 of what we consider the best tabletop water fountains for you to check out before you make your purchase. We think you will love them all, but of course, everyone’s taste is different!

Zen Fountain-Rolling Ball Three Tier Tabletop 

zen fountain

The understated pyramid design of this charming tabletop water fountain leads to a rolling ball that is driven by the steady flow of water through the zen fountain. Three smooth marbled tiers are stacked and surrounded in multi-colored light. Smooth natural stones round out this fascinating design.

Features of Zen Fountain :

  • 7″ high x 7 3/4″ wide x 7 3/4″ deep x weighs 15.87 lbs x 5-foot cord.
  • 3-tier pyramid tabletop fountain.
  • Marbled finish, rolling ball at top of zen water fountain.
  • Built-in multi-colored LED light.
  • Lightweight cast resin construction; comes complete with water pump.

Verdict zen water fountain:

An attractive zen water fountain that will add a tranquil ambience to any home.

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Silver Springs Relaxation Homedics Fountain With Illuminated Waterfall

Create a sanctuary from the outside world with the HoMedics tabletop relaxation fountain that fits in your office or favorite room. Sleek shades of silver and black look good in any setting, while a bed of natural river rocks brings you back in touch with the earth. As the water begins to flow, the natural sounds instantly put you at ease. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who needs added relaxation in their life.

Features of Homedics fountain :

  • DECORATIVE TABLETOP HOMEDICS FOUNTAIN: Showcase EnviraScape’s Silver Springs Relaxation Fountain on display to bring a calming, Zen-feel to any room. It is just the right size to add a decorative accent to any tabletop, bathroom sink, and vanity or office desk. It features a 3-tiered waterfall, natural stones, and a large basin. The tiers create several streams of water creating a gentle soothing sound of water. The water flow replicates the sights and sounds of a tranquil spring
  • CONVENIENT AUTOMATIC PUMP & ON/OFF SWITCH: The Illuminated Water Fountain was designed with a quiet built-in submersible pump. Simply fill the basin to the water-fill line and enjoy the soothing effects of this fountain. The pump circulates the water, keeping it clean and free of algae build-up. Unlike other fountains, HoMedics Relaxation Fountain has an on/off switch. Plug the power cord into an outlet and turn your fountain on. When you want to shut it off, just flip the switch
  • INNOVATIVE, ARTISTIC DESIGN: This Asian-inspired fountain features 3-tiered leaves that water streams down. Its extra-deep, open-styled basin allows for the serene sounds of cascading waters to fill your home. It was designed with a unique lighting feature that creates a soft reflection of the natural flow of fresh running water. The illuminating glow creates a romantic ambiance. Add the natural river rocks to any of the 3 tiers, or into the basin
  • DE-STRESS AFTER A HARD DAY: HoMedics tabletop fountain can be used to de-stress and unwind after a hard day. Turn on this Zen fountain before bedtime and drift off to sleep as you listen to its sounds of a peaceful running stream. Put it in your baby’s nursery so they can enjoy its sounds of a gentle brook and its soft glow as a nightlight. Use it while you are trying to meditate or perform yoga. You can even put it on your cubicle desk to center yourself while at work
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED WITH YOUR PURCHASE: One EnviraScape Silver Springs Relaxation Fountain. One set of natural river rocks. 3 leaf tiers. One power cord and adapter. One pump cover, water pump, and fountain base. One instruction manual

Verdict :

This elegant Homedics fountain has a Japanese feel to it and would grace any home. Highly recommended.

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John Timberland Fountain-Organic Water Lily Ceramic High Tabletop Fountain

john timberland fountains

Give your home or work space a tranquil touch with this charming tabletop fountain design. Crafted from ceramic, with a natural edge, three water lilies rise up and trickle water elegantly from one tier to the next. Comes in an earthy glaze, and suitable for placement indoor or outdoor.

Features of John Timberland Organic Water Lily Fountain

  • 8″ high x 7 3/4″ wide x 7 3/4″ deep x 6-foot cord.
  • Ceramic tabletop fountain in a pond green glaze; hand-finished ceramic construction.
  • Water flows down three levels, creating a gentle, soothing sound.
  • Place in a home office or hallway, or set on an outdoor table under a covered patio.
  • Includes pump; easy to set up and use.

Verdict :

John Timberland fountains look and sounds great. This ceramic fountain is heavy, it is definitely not cheaply made. The quality is very high. Many plastic water fountains that you find online or in stores are more expensive than this one but with much lower quality. No noise from the pump, just the soothing sound of water dripping.

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John Timberland Weathered Jug 24″ High Tabletop Fountain

This tabletop fountain references the classic Mediterranean jug silhouette with its elongated shapes and curled handle and spouts. Water cascades gently from one level to the next to create a pleasant sound. It comes in an aged pottery finish, which allows the tabletop fountain to mimic the look of an ancient artifact. Lightweight resin construction. Pump is included. Plugs into any standard wall outlet.

Features :

  • Weathered, aged pottery finish; lightweight resin construction.
  • Flowing, organic look perfect for indoor spaces, or use as an accent on a covered patio or porch.
  • Design is by the John Timberland brand.
  • Pump and power cord are included.

Verdict :

A modern tabletop fountain accent patterned after classic Mediterranean pouring jugs but maybe more suited for outdoor use such as on the patio or balcony as can be prone to splashing.

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John Timberland Bloomfield Copper Flower 13″ High Tabletop Fountain

indoor water fountain

Full of warmth and natural grace, this blooming flower tabletop fountain is a great accent for indoor locations. Finished a handsome copper and made of lightweight resin and metal that makes this design easy to move and position where you want. Water cascades from flower to flower for a soothing effect. Pump and cord included.

Features :

  • 16″ wide x 13″ high x 8″ deep.
  • Includes pump, 6-feet of cord.
  • Water flower tabletop fountain by John Timberland.
  • Cascading flower design, copper finish flowers, slate finish bowl.
  • Lightweight resin and metal construction.

Verdict :

A great little fountain for the home or office. While it doesn’t make the pretty falling water sound of other fountains, you will still enjoy the visual impact of having a small fountain in your room.

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Alpine Buddha Tabletop Fountain with LED Light

alpine fountains

Unplug from the day and meditate to the sound of flowing water with this soothing Alpine fountain. Experience tranquility and Zen as the relaxing water sounds slowly wash away the stress of a hectic day. Experiencing nirvana in this world is attainable with Alpine’s Zen fountains.

Features of alpine fountain:

  • 6″L x 6″W x 11″H, made of fiberglass with tones of brown and beige. Natural stone looking sitting Buddha fountain with a tranquil stream that offers a soothing and relaxing accent.
  • Made of durable materials that will perfect your home, yard, and garden décor.
  • The design adds a Zen look, while the relaxing, gentle water falling helps to bring in a natural element.
  • Made of Fiberglass.
  • Skillfully crafted to be balanced and durable.
  • Tones of Brown and Beige.

Verdict :

Delightful Buddha style indoor fountain that is quiet but relaxing. Nice quality and a decent weight make this a good choice for your home or yard.

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Alpine Fountains

Alpine Tiered Column Tabletop Fountain with 3 Candles

alpine fountain

Set the mood for meditation or romance with this remarkable three-tier fountain. This Pouring Tiers Tabletop Fountain is handcrafted from durable resin materials and features three pouring tiers and three tiers for tea candles (included). Each pillar has a rough texture that imitates natural, weathered stone. Included river stones can be arranged in the top of the basin, enhancing the rustic character of the fountain. As water cascades from one spout to the next, it makes soft sounds to relax.

Features of alpine fountain :

  • Skillfully handcrafted from resin
  • 3 pouring tiers with a natural, rough texture
  • 3 tiers for tea candles (included)
  • Kettle-like black basin with pump
  • Creates a relaxing, meditative atmosphere
  • 6 ft. power cord provides plenty of reach for convenient placement
  • 3 included candles lend to the relaxing nature of the fountain
  • Resin columns and natural stones offer a pleasing, antique-style look
  • Includes pump and 3 candles

Verdict :

Full featured indoor tabletop water fountain that looks fabulous and has a controllable water flow so you can easily adjust volume levels from a pleasant trickle to full blown waterfall effect. Light it up with tea candles for a relaxing experience.

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Sunnydaze 5-Step Rock Falls Tabletop Fountain with LED Lights

sunnydaze decor

Sunnydaze Decor designs tabletop fountains that are stylish and functional. This durable resin fountain is designed to look like a real rock waterfall. The soothing sounds it creates will have you relaxing in no time! The fountain features padded feet and natural coloring. The electric pump enables the gently flowing water to flow from the top tier all the way down to the bottom pool where it then recirculates back through the fountain. The fountain also includes LED lights that help to illuminate the fountain and makes the water glimmer and elegantly reflect off of surrounding surfaces.

Features of sunnydaze :

  • Durable polyresin/fiberglass designed to allow the water to softly cascade off the five tiers and recirculate back to the top.
  • Built-in LED lighting is a great home decor piece that allows you to bring some peaceful lighting to your evenings.
  • Create a relaxing ambiance with this modern tabletop fountain to bring relaxation and calmness to any home.
  • Quiet electric fountain pump plugs in to any standard electrical outlet using very low energy and can run 24/7.
  • This small water fountain is easy to assemble since you just fill and place it on any flat surface in your home or desktop.
  • Ease of placement and lightweight since this fountain is small and can be placed in your living room, bedroom, kitchen or anywhere you want to bring a little serenity and peace.
  • Footpads on base will allow you to place anywhere without the worry of scratching your surface.

Verdict :

Sunnydaze décor are renowned for producing quality products and this tabletop water fountain is no different. Ambient LED lighting makes this fountain a great choice for a side lamp in your living room or bedroom. The water flow is perfect and sounds lovely.

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Bits and Pieces Indoor Water Lily Water Fountain


Bits And Pieces indoor table top fountains create a soothing accent for any home or office. Each design is an ideal gift or home decor piece for your desk or table. Every model is selected for its sculptural design elements and water movement. Natural themes are included in our water lily fountains and cavern rock formation fountain. Popular theme fountains are included to appeal to every interest group, such as the Buddha, butterfly, peacock fountains, and more.

The flowing sounds of falling water are instantly relaxing and restorative, adding a sense of peace and tranquility to your environment. Nature lovers can reconnect with the outdoors even while inside. Customize your own fountain by adding river stones or accessories to the bowl for an ever-changing fountain scene.

Features :

  • Indoor tabletop water fountain.
  • Fountain’s small size helps it fit almost anywhere in your home.
  • Compact and lightweight, the water lily fountain features copper-colored metal blooms and metal leaves that have a green patina.
  • Add rocks (not included) to the bowl for a more natural look.
  • Measures 8″ diameter x 10″ high. Indoor use only.

Verdict :

Stunningly beautiful indoor fountain styled on a waterlily theme, with zero motor noise just the pleasing sound of running water. Add your own rocks to create a highly individual centerpiece for your table.

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Major-Q Decoration Feng Shui Rock Like Waterfall Fountain

zen water fountain

A beautiful addition for your garden and interior living space to create a zen ambiance. As you listen to the soothing sound of the water trickle down the stones, you will feel relaxed and calm in no time. The fountain is flawlessly designed to look like real stacked stones with water flowing over each of the levels of rock. The design is to resemble the natural outdoors of nature, so that you can feel apart of nature even when being at home. The fountain also features LED lights to create an illuminating effect during the night, or when turned on in the dark at home. A great product as the electric pump recirculates the water from the bottom of the pool throughout the fountain, while still resembling the natural outdoor water scapes.

Features :

  • Durable polyresin/fiberglass finish.
  • Multiple tier tabletop water fountain in a faux stone finish.
  • Quiet submersible electric pump.
  • Silent Motor.

Verdict :

A natural looking tabletop water fountain with a nice stone effect finish. Low noise so perfect for your office or even the bedroom. More of a tabletop water fountain for indoors but if you want to put it outside in a sheltered area it would be fine.

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Waterfall Fountain With Birds And LED Lighting

indoor waterfall

The soothing sound of natural flowing water provides you with a splendid backdrop for relaxation, and concentration. Soothe your mind, body and soul with this realistic tabletop water fountain. The submersible water circulating pump, transformer and mains plug are included. Listen to the healing sounds of the beautiful water music while enjoying your favorite indoor activity. Its the perfect way to give the gift of peace and serenity. They come in various designs and colours.

Features :

  • Hand Made and Painted.
  • Desktop water fountain with LED lighting.
  • Fountain pump is included.

Verdict :

A budget indoor tabletop water fountain decorated with birds that is surprisingly well made considering the low price. The figurine is beautifully crafted and is about 18” in height, with metal, detachable wings. The LED lighting compliments this indoor fountain perfectly.

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About Indoor Water Fountains

Indoor waterfalls and indoor water fountains transform silent homes and office spaces into soothing natural environments rich with the sound of flowing water. Known for their relaxing and healing powers, floor fountains and wall fountains add the soothing sounds of water to any space, while adding a visually stunning focal piece.

These fountains aren’t those giant fountains you see in offices. They are generally small, portable, and easy to clean. They come in a variety of designs, with Japanese styles being the most popular right now. You will also find many table top water fountains implementing a country American theme with symbols of farm life. Postmodern art fountains are also very common and not so expensive, unless you get a one-of-a-kind piece.

Some sellers of table top water fountains even provide you with instructions on how you can design your own fountain and then have it custom built. On the Web you can find information on how to design and build your own tabletop water fountain using inexpensive, common items that can be purchased at the local hardware store. So you can make your own table top water fountains them to place in and around your home for a whole aura of natural beauty matching your home design.


A tabletop water fountain is perfect for the home or office but also makes fantastic spa decor or salon decor. They compliment a relaxing space to the maximum. Imagine sitting in a Real Relax Massage Chair while listening to the tranquil sounds of flowing water.

Things To Consider When Buying A Tabletop Water Fountain

The main concerns with table top water fountains are children and pets. If you have either you need to be careful in the placement of these water fountains to ensure they will not get knocked over or cause injury. Also, it is common sense to never put a water bearing device such as a table top water fountain near electronic equipment such as computers and televisions.

If your small, low maintenance tabletop water fountain is what you would like, a table fountain may be the answer for you personally. You receive all the advantages of a fountain without all of the maintenance and cleaning which goes by using it. Table fountains are cost-effective, nice to check out and simple to wash.

You will find different types of indoor tabletop fountains available, based on where you need to rely on them. You can purchase a battery operated fountain for the desk at work. Tabletop fountains cheer up a workplace space and causes it to be just a little cozier. These fountains are increasingly simple to wash.

All you need to do is alter the water regularly and wipe it having a soft flannel. Should you forget to alter water regularly, you can get an algae build-up that will result in the water murky. Also, lacking the necessary water, the pump would burn up. A quick visit to the faucet could prevent each one of these problems.You are able to also buy portable indoor table fountains. Ceramic tabletop fountains are obtainable in various styles and designs.

Fountain Materials

Natural materials like bamboo, polished river gemstones, wood and slate are utilized to complement the look from the fountains. It may also help in getting some character into your parking space. Desk fountains are ideal for different types of places of work. Yoga professionals think it is soothing and relaxing to place the indoor table fountains near their mats. These fountains are simple to move around and make perfect salon decor.

Should you travel a great deal, you can carry them along. Just set them on a table if you enter into expensive hotels. By doing this, you can have a bit of your house along with you anywhere you go.

A table fountain is a great way to enjoy the beauty and splendor of a tabletop water fountain inside your home. You can easily set up indoor fountains in any room of your home or office and create an instant transport to relaxation. With a wide selection of them to select from, you can easily find one that will complement your personal tastes, preferences, and match your choice of interior style and design.

In a variety of textures, table fountains are a great decorative piece to every home. You can select from terracotta, metal, concrete, stone, fiberglass, slate, and ceramic fountains that are sure to be noticed. You can easily place them in a hallway or foyer as a wonderful way to greet those who come to your home. They look great in your living room, dining rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. An office that places a table fountain on the receptionist’s desk instantly transforms the feel of the office from cold and drab to warm, friendly, and welcoming. Since they help reduce stress, they are perfect in locations where people tend to feel a great deal of tension or stress. Doctors and dentist offices can reduce a great deal of patient anxiety simply by adding one to their offices.

Budgeting For Your Indoor Fountain

When choosing a tabletop water fountain, it’s a good idea to set your budget first. With so many to select from, you are sure to find one that will easily fit in your budget. For those who are looking for ways to relax, adding them to the home is a great choice. Studies have shown that by simply reducing the amount of stress you are exposed to you can add years to your life. Listening to the sounds of water trickling down a fountain is one of the simplest, convenient, and inexpensive ways to add relaxation to your life.

Indoor water features could possibly be the most comforting adornments that you should use in your house as well as work. If used at work they’re not only soothing however it will ease the strain from the job. Some indoor water features can handle being placed on a garden patio.

Sometimes we are able to think it is just a little distressful to consider that water is running within the family room. Indoor water features are totally safe and make up a consoling feeling to everybody which are usually within the room. You are able to place a fountain almost any place in an area a desktop, around the floor, or mounted on a wall. We usually find fountains in hotel lobbies, health spa salons, plus some business building lobbies.

The indoor fountains nowadays really are a more compact form of what we see in public places. Those are the right size therefore we are able to place them within our houses and small offices. These water features usually make the office manager comfortable for any hard days work. The homeowner which comes home from the nerve-wracking day at work is going to be encouraged through the sounds from the fountain.

The 3 Types Of Indoor Water Fountain

Indoor water features can compliment any type of furniture you’ve got in your house. The designs are many and available in three fundamental models: desktop, floor, and attached to the wall. The 3 types are created having a reservoir for water containment, the fountain mind, and obviously the pump that is forever moving water in the reservoir towards the fountain mind.

These 3 features will most likely always remain exactly the same. The desktop indoor tabletop water fountain is mainly small in stature and fits well on the desk or finish table. If you’re able to picture a dinner plate, well that’s about how exactly much space one of these simple indoor fountains uses. The peak in it can differ. These desktop fountains work very nicely in small rooms.

Another form of a table top fountain may be the battery run fountain many of which have two tanks rather than one reservoir and something fountain mind. Normally the top reservoir have a lip therefore the water will drip lower towards the bottom reservoir.

The Harmonious Sounds Of A Tabletop Water Fountain

We all know the beautiful sounds of water fountains have a great natural ambience. We need only think of trips to the ocean, a flowing brook, or a beautiful water fall to move our minds into a state of relaxation once experienced in these locations. But if you don’t live in a location where you can hear these sounds, you are missing out on this natural beauty in your home. With an indoor tabletop water fountain you can add some of this natural ambience to your home. This is particularly wonderful when you live in an urban area.

Sometimes these tabletop water fountains are referred to as “indoor tranquility fountains.” They come in many materials and designs to create a visual ambiance to act as a beautifying force in matching your home decor to your nature’s ambiance in sound. For example, to add a nice design feature with water flow sounds, you can use flat, dark colored slate sedimentary rock water fountains. You will get earth tones in sight and sound.

Copper is becoming very popular for use as a material in the basin of the tabletop water fountain. When given a clear finish, copper will keep its shine for many years. Natural copper will get the rustic look of the tarnishing effects of the water flow patterns. River stones added to a copper basin will be carved into beautiful, smooth designs by the water flow. Recently, people have begun putting stone tablets or river stones in their water fountains with slogans or inspirational words engraved in the stones.

Caring For Your Indoor Water Fountain

Fountains that are made of copper are the ones that require the most upkeep. Some fountains made of copper have been covered with a “powder coating” which is a heat baked enamel finish applied to the surface of the metal. The terms powder coat and clear coat mean the same thing. The purpose for the coating is to protect the copper from turning green. If you have a copper tabletop water fountain, you can maintain it by waxing it with commercial car wax every two to three months. Keep in mind that all copper will turn green eventually, even the clear coated copper. Both the coat and the wax will only slow the inevitable process.

Choose a tabletop water fountain with a clear coat if you happen to be fond of the copper patina. If you choose this type of fountain, do not use copper polish. It will, as expected, remove the patina. If you leave copper unattended, it will eventually take on the verdigris quality of an old copper roof. The climate and the water used in the fountain both determine how quickly this will happen. Another thing to keep in mind about copper is that it will darken when it is exposed to the sun. Because it is, of course stainless, stainless steel is virtually maintenance free. The non porous surface from which it is made makes it difficult for bacteria and other micro organisms to adhere and to survive. Thus, the stainless steel will not corrode.

There are some other popular design materials to be considered as well. Clear glass is also a great design for giving you a visual of the flowing water. With the proper sun angles you can have rainbows of color in the splashing water. You may also find that you like the handcrafted nature of glazed ceramic water fountains. Metal fountains may be made to vibrate with natural tones as the water trickles and splashes, like a harmonious water chime. Lights beaming into or out of the water make for great special effects, especially in a poorly lite room.

We know from science, and personal observation, that natural sounds such as moving water create relaxation in people physically and mentally. Additionally, we know that water flow creates healthy negative ion balances in the air which are associated with many health benefits. One of these benefits is that these ions catch pollutants and allergens floating around in the air. Just think about how fresh the air is right after a rain.

Other Things To Consider

Indoor water fountains can be found in any price range. A little table fountain can be as low as $10. An original work of art water fountain can easily run into the $1000s. Whatever your budget, you can now start experiencing nature’s ambience with an indoor water fountain.

Fountains generally have a loudness rating. This rating will help prospective buyers to determine in advance whether the sound will be relaxing or annoying. Although modern fountains require very little maintenance, they do require some attention. You must be sure to properly maintain your fountain since the level of maintenance will directly impact the length of the life of the fountain. The amount of maintenance that is required to run your fountain is determined by the material of which the fountain is constructed.

Thanks for reading our indoor fountains article and if you are into keeping your home and garden looking tip top check out our massage and beauty reviews.

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