Sierra Comfort- Tried and Tested

sierra comfort

 About Sierra Comfort Portable Massage Table

When it comes to stress relief systems, portable massage tables like Sierra comfort top up the list. Portable massage tables offer the best platform to get a massage, are cost-effective and designed to save space.

So whether you are a massage therapist or homeowner looking for massage table for home therapy sessions, a foldable portable massage table by Sierra is the option. This portable table was constructed to be lightweight. It has accessories that will aid during a massage session.

Features of Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table

  • The outstanding feature of this portable massage bed is that is packaged with massage sheets, oil pouch, and even a towel hanger. The cotton sheets are 100% cotton.
  • Sierra comfort is constructed using Beech hardwood that is of high quality. It has a 2.5”high

foam deck.It can hold the weight of up to 450lbs.

  • Sierra massage table has removable armrests, a facial cradle that is oil resistant.
  • It has a carrying bag.

Pros of Sierra Comfort

-It is a high quality portable table

-It is easily foldable and hence fits in small rooms because of its easy storage.

-It is inclusive, no extra expenses of buying massage sheets etc

-Sierra Comfort has an adjustable face cradle

-This portable table has adjustable legs & a bolster for placing accessories that are needed during the massage.

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