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 About Saloniture portable Massage Table

I always see my massage therapist use Saloniture massage table when I visit her weekly. It is not only her relaxing massage that I am addicted to but the portable massage table am on.

It provides the best comfort with its 2.5 inches thick deluxe cushioning.

Important Features of this super lightweight massage table

-My face always comfortably rests on the high-density foam of face cradle that is adjustable.

-My arms also rest comfortably on armrest wings that are of high-density foam of 2.5-inch thickness.

I always feel sleeping with this Saloniture tilting backrest, a unique feature of this portable massage table that I never see on other portable tables reviewed here.

My massage therapist is able to take this Saloniture massage table to her customers because it is easy to fold in its carrying bag that is provided when one orders at Amazon etc.

I must say also it has sturdy support from the materials it is made of; hardwood frame and steel support cables that can support her customers weighing up to 450 pounds.

-I also noticed that this portable table has non slip legs hence my massage experience is relaxing.

-I will say it is one of the best lightweight and yet sturdy weighing only 35 pounds making it easy to carry from one place to the other. This is possible with the nylon carrying case that I see with her that has side pockets which holds massage oil and other accessories.

Saloniture Massage Table Covering

-What’s more, the entire Saloniture Massage Table is oil and waterproof. I never see any oil penetrate the PU synthetic leather that covers the portable table.

She told me that the covering is made of vegan-friendly material.

-I would recommend this portable massage table which one can customize for each client with its adjustable face cradle and a tilting backrest.

Verdict Saloniture Portable Massage Table

In conclusion, Saloniture massage table will give you:

-Comfort and good quality

-Come at an affordable price

-Have accessories package

-Good size

-Has the best material for durability

-Have foam cushion padding and upholstery materials

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