Salon Hair Dryer -The Best Hooded Hair Dryers Guide and Reviews

Icarus Bogart Beauty Salon hair Dryer Chair with Box Dryer

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If you have very long or thick hair, you will understand the struggle of drying it after washing or taking a shower.

Hand drying is sometimes not an option, especially if you are in a hurry. You can dry your hair and wrap it in a towel for an hour and still look like you have been rained on. While a conventional hair dryer will speed up the hair drying process, there is nothing like the luxurious, effortless practice of using a professional salon hairdryer.

Sitting and reading a magazine under the dryer in your favorite hair stylists salon is a relaxing experience like no other, but did you know you can also enjoy the same at home? A salon hair dryer may look like an expensive piece of equipment but they are surprisingly affordable.

A salon or bonnet hair dryer works on the same principle as a standard handheld hairdryer but with much more drying power and without the need to stand (or sit) waving the drier through your precious tresses.

Just take a seat after washing your locks and let the warm air do all the work. Whereas a normal hairdryer can take more than 15 minutes to dry your hair (depending on the thickness and length), just 5 minutes under a salon hair dryer will achieve the same results while you paint your nails or browse the internet.

4 Types Of Salon Hair Dryer

1. Hooded hair dryer

The usual style of the hairdryer is a helmet style dryer that encapsulates the head to give total coverage when drying. These hair dryers generally have a wired or wireless remote control to adjust the temperature and fan speed, ensuring that you are comfortable and your hair is dried exactly as you desire.

hooded hair dryer with stand

Mounted on a stand and positioned behind the user’s chair, it is height adjustable so as to suit people of all sizes.

2. Soft bonnet hair dryer

You can also find attachments for your handheld dryer that perform the same function. These accessories comprise of a tube that connects to the nozzle of your dryer direct to a “bonnet” that you wear on your head.

Known as a soft bonnet hair dryer, you only have to switch on the dryer and let the magic happen! These soft bonnet hair dryers can also be bought complete with a dryer unit.

3. Salon hooded hair dryer with chair

While these attachments are cheap and no doubt does the job, they are nowhere near as effective as a salon hairdryer. If you really want to push the boat out, go for a professional setup complete with chair.

Available in various styles to suit your home decor, a bonnet hair dryer with the chair is the ultimate hair care accessory for the style conscious woman (or man). If you already have a salon-style hair dryer with stand, there are many types of custom chairs designed to accommodate your existing bonnet hair dryer.

4. Wall mounted salon hair dryer

Finally, there is also the option of a wall mounted salon hair dryer. These are a bonnet hair dryer fixed to the wall in the location you choose, wired to mains electricity and ready for whenever you need it.

Just position a comfortable chair underneath the dryer and you are all set. You could even use a massage chair for the ultimate relaxation experience.

Salon Hair Dryer Reviews

With any purchase, you need to do your research and due diligence or you will need to be lucky to get a quality item. At Ultimate Product Review Site we do our best to find superior products to not only save you money, but also time and stress.

We have selected 5 of what we think are the best salon hair dryer available to grace your dressing room, bathroom or boutique. Check out our choices below:

BR Beauty Chris Dryer and Chair Combo

BR Beauty Chris Dryer and Chair Combo

Dry yours or your clients’ hair in comfort with this wide dryer chair and American-made 980-watt salon hair dryer.

Built with a heavy-duty wood frame, this durable chair’s four thick, high-density polyurethane cushions seat anyone in extreme comfort.

UL and CSA approved and rated at 8-8.5 amps, the powerful dryer has a built-in timer and slides into the back of the chair for easy setup and use.

Each box includes one chair measuring 24 inches wide (19.5 inches arm to arm) by 29 inches deep and 33 inches high (with 19-inch seat height) and one dryer with 12.5-inch-diameter hood.

This dryer is covered by a 3-year warranty, with a 1-year warranty on the chair. 

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Pibbs 516 Dry Express Dryer on Casters

Pibbs 516 Dry Express Dryer on Casters

Decrease drying time up to 33 percent with this dryer’s double hood built for more efficient and effective air flow.

Hinged opening hood design makes it easy to access the high density, molded plastic hood.

Moves effortlessly around with the five-point star base and industrial strength casters, and adjust the height to accommodate any user.

Each box includes one mobile dryer with a 1200-watt, 2-speed motor.

This salon hair dryer is covered by a 1-year warranty.

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Icarus Bogart Beauty Salon Dryer Chair with Box Dryer

Icarus Bogart Beauty Salon Dryer Chair with Box Dryer

Leatherette cushioning. Chrome cushion arms.

Will hold most standard salon hair dryer units. Design to fit box dryer (Height:24″, Width:12″,Depth:7″)

Padded cushion seat and backrest area.

Awesome commercial grade soft black leatherette.

Includes box dryer.

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HIGHLAND 1570 Ionic Hair Dryer

HIGHLAND 1570 Ionic Hair Dryer

HIGHLAND 1570 “IONIC” Fresh Bonnet Hair Dryer (Made in USA). Free shipping with one year manufacturer warranty.

Professional Hooded Salon Hair Dryer.

Smoked Hood With Textured Black Finish.

120 Volts, 1160 Watts, 500+ Cubic Feet Of Air Movement Per Hour.

Adjustable Thermostat Including Perm Setting.

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Belvedere B900C Professional Salon Mega Dryer

Professional Salon Mega Dryer

Made in the USA, Ships as Single Unit.

Compatible w/ Belvedere salon hair dryer Chairs, or w/ Dryer Wheel and Handle Set (Sold Separately).

Extra-Large Hood, 5-position Heat Control, 60 Minute Timer, Easy-to-Remove Dust Filter.

UL/CUL Listed, 120 Volt, 10 Amps, 1030 Watts.

5 Year Warranty on Dryer Motor.

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Thanks for reading our reviews of the latest bonnet hair dryers. Be sure to check out our other product reviews.

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