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Every beauty salon that is planning to styles their customers’ hair need to purchase a reclining shampoo chair with footrest.

You need a salon hair washing bowl chair that will work best in your salon. It is therefore important to consider some factors before purchasing one which I have discussed in this article.

For instance, you can opt to purchase shampoo chair with headrest, Shampoo chair with sprayer, a hydraulic shampoo chair, a reclining shampoo chair with footrest or a backwash shampoo system with all these features.

Factors to consider when purchasing a reclining shampoo chair with footrest

Manufacturer’s design a reclining salon chairs with foot rests that can be operated with a button, a lever or a remote.

These backwash systems will allow your customer to lie back comfortably while her hair is washed which makes the whole process enjoyable.

The recliner shampoo chair with footrest should be easy to clean and water proof. Vinyl makes a good material for the backwash system upholstery.

The backwash unit should complement the décor of your salon. Most of the salon chairs reviewed here are pretty, modern and classic hence can fit with any look of a beauty salon.  They are comfortable to sit in and will ensure that your clients enjoy their time when shampooing and styling their hair.  


Recliner shampoo chair with footrest Reviews

We have tried and tested 5 of the best recliner shampoo chairs with footrest currently available to buy online and be delivered directly to your beauty establishment

1. Cody Euro Salon Hair Washing Bowl Chair

Salon Equipment Hair Washing Shampoo Backwash Bowl

Incorporate sophistication in your beauty salon with this full size recliner shampoo chair with footrest.  It has a classic design and its upholstery is soft vinyl.

 Cody euro salon hair washing bowl chair features cushioned armrest, porcelain tilting bowl and foot rest. In my experience, as an owner with a salon, I can say that this is an easy to clean and maintain salon furniture.

Features of The Cody Euro Shampoo Chair :

Big size porcelain bowl

-Easy to maintain and clean bowl

–Removable Access Door

-Adjustable wide Angle Bowl

-Features a foot Rest Lever

Verdict of this Backwash Shampoo System:

This is a high quality, stylish and easy to clean reclining shampoo chair with footrest from Cody Europe. It is one of the best value backwash units on our list.  

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2.Vira 7500 Gq Shampoo Chair With Backwash Unit

Vira 7500 Gq Shampoo Chair Backwash Unit

This is a beautifully designed backwash shampoo system with neck rest that will distinguish your beauty salon from the rest. If you are looking for looks and stability, then buy this salon backwash unit.

It features a porcelain bowl that can tilt and a silicone neck rest. Turn your beauty establishment into a haven because your customers deserve to be pampered. The seat of Vira backwash unit is adjustable and can move forward.

Features of the Vira 7500 Gq Shampoo Chair :

It is designed with a porcelain bowl and other fixtures

-It is a shampoo chair with neck rest

-Has a hot cold water mixer control

-Comes with spray hose, drain assembly and water supply lines

-Comes with spray head too, and a flex drain pipe

-The bowl is adjustable and can tilt

-Its chair can slide hence accommodate any height of people

Verdict of this hair salon backwash chair with neck rest:

This top of the range salon chair from Alva Beauty will look fantastic in any beauty establishment. These professional hair salon backwash chairs come with everything you need to plumb them in and start attending to clients

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3. Funnylife Professional Shampoo Bowl Salon Massage Chair

Funnylife Black Professional Shampoo Bowl Backwash Spa Salon Massage

This is an extremely comfortable backwash shampoo system. It is designed with everything that you need to set it up and use for shampooing. This salon equipment comes with a spray hose, bowl, a vacuum breaker and a neck rest.

Features of the Funny life Shampoo Chair :

  • 3’ spray hose for convenience
  • It is easy to install,  its side and back panels can be removed
  • Plastic bowl, more safely for shipping
  • It is designed with a backwash frame where the salon equipment is fixed and the bowl can be tilted easily.
  • Included is a comfort gel neck rest

The verdict of this shampoo chair with spray hose:

Your clients will feel pampered and exclusive in this salon equipment without you having to break the bank. The cushion is made of a long-lasting material and the full chair design is perfect to nestle into and get comfortable while your hair is washed

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4. Stylish White Shampoo Salon Chair

White Shampoo Salon Chair

Cheap backwash shampoo system

This is one of the cheapest and latest designs of hair salon backwash chairs that will cater for your salon needs. If you are looking for salon equipment, this unit should be the first step. It is made up of glass hence can upgrade any beauty establishment for an affordable price.

It comes equipped with a hair trap, faucet, sprayer, armrests, drain fittings and a ceramic bowl. The salon hair washing bowl chair has cushioning to offer your customers a comfortable experience.  

This elegant backwash system is designed with a special style that will upgrade any beauty salon.

Features of the White Shampoo Chair :

  • It is a beautiful backwash shampoo system. It will upgrade any beauty establishment.
  • Features high-quality black upholstery
  • It is made of fiberglass which is strong and stylish
  • Plumbing is easy because of a window on the back of the shampoo unit
  • Comes with a hair trap, faucet, sprayer, armrests, drain fittings, and a ceramic bowl

Verdict cheap shampoo chair:

It is a great looking chair which has a very modern look and feel. It has a wide, armchair style design that is masculine enough to technically be a barber chair, but not so much that it would not look completely out-of-place in a beauty establishment setting  

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5. Sliverylack Backwash Salon Shampoo Chair

Sliverylack Backwash Salon Shampoo Barber Chair

This is a modern reclining shampoo chair with footrest. Sliverblack backwash salon shampoo chair is a perfect addition to any beauty salon or barber. It is made up of PVC leather hence easy to clean.

Its heavy duty frame is durable hence you will have it for a long time. This salon hair washing bowl chair is cushioned with a high elasticity sponge. Its footrest will provide the needed comfort.

Features of the Sliverylack Backwash Salon Shampoo Chair:

  • The classic design of this recliner shampoo chair with foot rest can blend with décor of any beauty establishment.

-The backwash shampoo system is easy to assemble

-The PVC upholstery with extra cushioning provides the needed comfort. It features a stable and durable construction.

-The bowl is easy to clean and is made of plastic

-It is a backwash system and has other accessories such as belt weaving hose tee tap etc

-Visit the table above to read more about this Sliverlylack backwash salon system

Verdict of this reclining shampoo chair with footrest

It is extremely comfortable, fully reclining shampoo chair with footrest from Sliverylack that will add a touch of luxury to any salon. Your clients will love the relaxing position and return again and again.  

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Choosing the best reclining salon chair with footrest for your salon is not a straightforward process but with a little research, it becomes a lot easier. We hope that our guide has helped to make your decision a little easier. Check out our extensive manicure table and shiatsu massage cushion guides.   

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