Start and end your day with Real relax massage chair. With zero gravity positioning, 50 airbags for full body massage, built-in heat, and ergonomic armrest linkage system, I know you will fall in love the first time you use it or reading this Real relax massage chair review.

Real Relax Massage Chair review

real relax massage chair

It is capable of melting away your stresses and soothe your tired body. Relax, rejuvenate and renew with real relax massage chair. Sitting on it will relieve neck strain and open up your back muscles.

Real relax massage chair is a full body massage chair that massage all body parts including the upper back, lower back, legs hands and feet. It employs various massage techniques to relax your whole body and they include shiatsu, vibration and foot roller massage.

The various massage offered by this massage chair has different implications for your overall health.  A shiatsu massager, (as does this massage chair) assists in improving blood circulation that increases oxygen in blood keeping a person feeling fresh all day.

Visit the link below to read more of its preset auto massage programs designed to enhance your wealth, muscle relief, back therapy, neck shoulder relief, after work stretch and nighttime soothing.

Real Relax Massage Chair Review


Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Real relax massage chair recline hence elevating the legs to a zero gravity position. Press the zero gravity button and you will feel weightless for real relaxation mentally and physically.

Due to zero-gravity design, real relax massage reclines when put on which you can adjust the angle that you want.

Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

8 Massage rollers, 50 airbags; It is engineered with 8 shiatsu massage rollers located in the back and foot section and 50 airbags for neck, hands, and shoulders.  Massage to hips is by vibration, air squeeze and heat.

Armrest linkage system; the ergonomic armrest system let your arms get massaged comfortably.

 Preset auto massage programs; it is designed with 4 different types of massage intensities which include relaxing, strong mode, mild and sleep.

Best Budget Massage Chair

Real relax massage chair will save you money. It is one of the affordable massage chairs and you can confirm this by visiting the link below.

On top of that, it features heating function for soothing muscles and total relaxation. It is such a great investment for office, health, and home users.

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Benefits of Massage Chairs

Do you experience fatigue, widespread pain and persistent fatigue on your body? This is fibromyalgia which can be relieved by real relax massage chair.

Working hard leaves muscles tired causing them to harden and form knots. A good way to eliminate muscle knots is with massage.

Beyond obvious benefits like relaxation, massage decreases stress in our bodies. It lessens depression and even improves digestive disorders.

4 Real Relax Massage Chair Benefits for seniors

The benefits of massage chair for seniors are many. Apart from relaxing their bodies, therapeutic massage soothes the pain associated with arthritis etc. Massage from real relax massage chair will decrease stress in their bodies.

Seniors require soft massage where it is possible with this massage chair. It is designed with Preset auto massage programs and some of them include relaxing, mild and sleep which are suitable for seniors making it a perfect gift to get your parents if some of them complain of muscle pains.

Massage is Therapeutic

Studies have shown that massage lessens depression hence real relax massage chair will be an effective natural treatment for reducing muscle tension, stress and pain. Massage promotes blood circulation and hence increasing blood flow.

Massage Softens Hard Muscles

From stroke recovery to softening hard muscles, massage benefits for seniors are many. As seniors get older, they become less active and so their muscles harden. A massage chair will help to soften hard muscles ultimately reducing muscle tension.

Eases Stroke Recovery

Following a stroke, a major aid to recovery is massage because it stimulates paralyzed areas improving mobility.

Improve Sleep

The relaxation of real relax massage chair is capable of inducing sleep to seniors who have difficulties sleeping.

How Athletes benefit from using Real Relax Massage Chair

Whether you are a part-time or full-time athlete, you know how it is crucial to keep your body healthy. Athletes require minerals, nutrients, vitamins, and body manipulation before and after running.

This is because lactic acid builds up when they exercise. The muscles need to be massaged in order to break this build up and that’s why you see some athletes travel with their personal massage therapist.

After running cross country, boxing, training in the gym or playing football, their muscles will harden and form knots. The muscles can be relaxed by the use of body massagers and effective one to use is Real relax massage chair with heat.

The gentle and vigorous massage of this massage chair will keep their muscles healthy and good support of ligaments and tendons.  Use the massage chair regular to reap its benefits and you can use real relax massage chair at the comfort of your home.

Athletes need to be flexible in order to perform well in their sports. Relaxed and flexible bodies bend easily in a game, unlike tensed bodies. Real relax massage chair will aid in flushing toxins from your muscles and the entire body because it promotes blood circulation.

With the shiatsu massage offered by real relax massage chair, you will enjoy a full body massage.