If you regularly have massage, then you know how good it makes you feel. As the name suggests, a back massager is used to offer relief for the back.

They can be used to massage the shoulders, the neck and even the legs, waist, calves and belly. Shiatsu massage cushion is a good back massager that is an affordable and portable compared to a massage chair.

So after a tiring day at the office, what you have to do is just place this back massager on your back, shoulder or legs for an effective massage.

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Here are the Best back massagers at a glance

Zyllion ZMA14 Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager Cushion with HeatZyllion ZMA-14-BK Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager
Homedics Back Massager With Heat Elite Pro
ZMA13BK Zyllion ZMA13BK Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat
HoMedics Massage Cushion with Heat Quad Shiatsu ProHoMedics Massage Cushion with Heat Quad Shiatsu Pro

Major Health Benefits of a Back Massager

massage products

  -Relaxes body muscles

-Eliminate toxins from muscles and lymph channels -Relieves muscle pain and increase cellular nutrition -Accelerate nerve firing -Increases blood circulation -Back massager will accelerate healing by stimulating muscle fiber formation -feel good during and after massager, you get relaxation after a good massage

Back Massager Reviews

Shiatsu Massage Cushion 

At the ultimate product review site, it is our work to help you choose the best shiatsu massage cushion that will loosen muscles knots and provide relaxation. Take a look at these reviews which we consider to be the best back massagers.

1. Zyllion zma-14-bk Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat

shiatsu massager

With the new developed Zyllion zma-14-bk, your office and home become your spa. It is sleek in design and offers shiatsu massage therapy that is needed to improve blood circulation and relieve muscle aches. It is equipped with more features to enhance your massage and the new developed Zyllion zma-14-bk focuses on the full back, upper and lower back, neck region and shoulders delivering shiatsu and rolling massage.

Features of the Zyllion ZMA-14-BK

Customizable Massage Relief; you can adjust massage rollers position to target your desired areas. The massage nodes of this massage cushion can perform up and down massage style or rotate motions for total relaxation. It has heat feature for a soothing sensation.Not just for Back; Zyllion ZMA-14-BK features an extra set of massage nodes that can be turned on or off on the neck region. It features also vibration massage. Ultimate Comfort; you can strap this massage cushion on all of your seats in house or office. Use it on your office chairs, recliners, dining chairs, sofa sofas. The elastic strap fits well on any of them. Safe to Use: it has 2 important safety features, 20 minutes auto shut off and overheat protection. The auto shut off protects itself from damage in case you forget to turn it off. The overheat protection will protect against overheating and it comes with an adaptor that can be used in any electrical outlet.

 Zyllion zma-14-bk Verdict

This shiatsu massage cushion is a popular back massager, affordable and one of the top 3 bestselling massagers. It is a great choice for those looking for total relaxation at home.

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2. Homedics Back Massager

Homedics back massager

Enjoy the numerous benefits of a professional massage in the comfort of your own home. This back massager offers one of the most extensive lines of massage cushions, including Homedics Shiatsu massage cushion and vibration technology. Set up Homedics massage cushion in your favorite chair at home or at work, and allow the vibration, heat, or kneading nodes soothe any tension in your back, shoulders, or seat area.

Homedics Shiatsu Massage Cushion Features

Shiatsu OR ROLLING MASSAGE Technology: The Homedics Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat delivers a circular kneading shiatsu massage that travels up and down the length of your back, relaxing your tense muscles.

Shiatsu Massager

The kneading shiatsu is best if you prefer a deep muscle massage. The rolling massage option is best if you prefer a gentle, relaxing massage –OPTIONAL HEAT: The Shiatsu Elite Pro Shiatsu Massage Cushion’s heat feature will help to soothe your muscles and melt away tension. The heat will help to stimulate blood flow and promote healing –Customizable Massage: The Homedics back massager cushion offers both a kneading shiatsu and rolling massage. You can use the controller to select from 3 massage zones (upper, lower, or entire back), or pinpoint a specific spot for targeted relaxation. 3 preset massage programs offer unique massage experiences for stress relief. The massage cushion adjusts to your perfect height to ensure comfort and optimize the massage. You can also choose to reverse the direction of the massage nodes –Easy-to-use integrated Controls: The HoMedics Shiatsu Elite Pro Massage Cushion has an integrated strapping system that fits most chairs. Adjust it to your favorite chair at home or take it to work with you! Your uncomfortable desk chair will be much improved with this massaging cushion. Use it at work to unwind and relax at your desk. The Homedics Massage Cushion has a programmed controller for added convenience. Use the controller to power on your massage cushion and create a customizable massage

Homedics Massage Cushion Verdict:

One of the most highly rated Shiatsu massage cushions on Amazon; this Homedics back massager pad offers a variety of features and benefits. Some of the reviews on Amazon would lead us to believe that this cushion is a great investment and is very durable. One point to be noted is that this back massager offers a powerful massage, which most people prefer. It is a solid choice for a Shiatsu massage at home.

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Massage Pillow

3. Zyllion ZMA13BK Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat

Zyllion ZMA13BK

Massage pillow lets you have a fantastic massage anywhere, anytime! Its design will fit well on your back and neck and its 4 rotating nodes will deliver shiatsu massage that is effective in relieving knots, muscle tension and aches.

Shiatsu Massager

Just like with a shiatsu massage cushion, all you have to do is place the massage pillow on your back after pressing the On button. Give yourself the gift of relaxation at home, work or when you travel. Fast-acting relief meets convenience with the Shiatsu Massager Pillow with Heat Zyllion ZMA13BK.

Zyllion ZMA13BK Features

Relieves Sore Muscles; Its powerful massage nodes will relax tight muscles and it is capable of changing directions every time. Zyllion ZMA13BK has a heating function to soothe aching muscles. Versatile; This massaging pillow fits well on upper and lower back, behind the neck, thigh areas, and calf.   Convenient Straps; the straps are for securing the massage pillow to your chair Safe to Use; Zyllion ZMA13BK Shiatsu massager is designed with overheat protection and 20 minutes auto shut off in case you forget to turn it off. It comes with power and car adaptor.

zyllion zma13bk shiatsu pillow massager Verdict :

Zyllion zma13bk Shiatsu Pillow Massager is a simple massage product. One button controls everything, turns it on and off and controls the heat function. The 3 massage functions are 3D, deep kneading, and bidirectional. The deep kneading will help improve circulation and relieve tension. This is a great value shiatsu massager.

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4. Homedics Massage Cushion with Heat Quad Shiatsu Pro

shiatsu massager

The HoMedics Shiatsu Massage Cushion will be your personal massage therapist. With 3 massage styles of gentle rolling massage, deep muscle kneading massage and invigorating percussion massage, it will soothe your aching muscles give relaxation.

Features of the Homedics Shiatsu Massage Cushion

Three MASSAGE STYLES: Choose from three distinct massage styles with the Quad Shiatsu Pro HoMedics Shiatsu Massage Cushion. For a fast, invigorating massage choose the percussion settings. For a deep muscle massage, choose the kneading setting. For a gentle, comforting massage choose the rolling setting. With three massage styles to choose from, you are able to customize your massage to your needs for faster relief from stress, tension, and sore muscles Specialized ZONE CONTROL: Treat yourself to a completely customizable massage with the zone control feature. Besides selecting the massage style, you can choose to focus your massage on certain regions of your back – including full back, lower back, and upper back. For targeted pain or tension, choose the spot massage feature to concentrate your massage on a single point on your back. The specialized zone control lets you have complete control over your massage SOOTHING HEAT: The HoMedics Massage Cushion’s heat feature will help to further relax your muscles and melt away tension. Heat penetrates tired muscles on your back to sooth them, stimulate blood flow and promote healing.

How to use Homedics back massager

This cushion also has convenient, easy-to-use hand controls so that you can adjust the settings and customize your massage with the push of a button

Verdict Homedics back massager

For elderly or injured people, the HoMedics Shiatsu Massage Cushion is ideal. The nodes are powerful enough to provide adequate massage and mix it with heat sensation to enjoy its health benefits.

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Shiatsu Massage

This is a type of massage that uses acupuncture points. Shiatsu massage applies pressure on points using thumb, nodes, palm or fingers. You can opt to lie on a massage table when getting shiatsu massage. This kind of massage is proven to ease the pain. It is a good way of maintaining mental happiness and health.

Shiatsu Massager

Shiatsu massager is great for catering for our massage needs. It provides similar effects as a massage chair. They have kneading action where you feel numerous fists working on your muscles to provide shiatsu massage.  It is very portable and can be used from one chair to another hence you can get relaxing massage anywhere. Shiatsu massagers are designed to give pressure and touch so you will get all health benefits while watching TV or working.   These back massagers are capable of eliminating the stress and tension of the body and after a week of regular using it, you will start to notice improvements.

Back Massager for Effective Back pain Relief

Back pain is a big problem to many people these days either caused by many years of bending or sitting. It can be a cause of discomfort and frustration and you can ease this by use of a back massager. If left untreated, back pain can ruin your day, hold you from working or doing physical activities. Avoid these troubles by going natural, use of massage, instead of being prescribed medicines by your doctor. Without a doubt, a back massager will relieve you of back problems and at the same time get relaxation. A massage cushion is cheaper and convenient. You simply strap it to your favourite chair, sit back and relax.

Shiatsu Foot Massager

A shiatsu foot massager gives immense pleasure and satisfaction. The foot is home for solar plexus that has nerves which when stimulated, reduce strain and stress to relax the body. Blood circulation is needed to transport nutrients and oxygen around the body. When there is adequate blood and lymph circulation, cleansing of blood from toxins is achieved. A shiatsu foot massage improves blood circulation and hence overall body good health. A shiatsu foot massager will promote immune system and working in harmony of different body organs. Soles of feet have more than 7000 nerves which when massaged; they are stimulated and allow energy to flow to the rest of the body without blockage. Regular use of a shiatsu foot massager will promote healing, alleviate stress-related diseases and is recommended especially to people who have a busy and stressful life.

Shiatsu Foot Massager Reviews

Homedics Foot Massager

shiatsu foot massager

A Homedics foot massager is a solution for you. After a long day of being on your feet at work, hiking, running, or playing sports – A homedics foot massager is there to help you unwind and be back on your feet for more action.  This quality foot massager provides deep massage to rejuvenate your tired feet.

Homedics Shiatsu Foot Massager Features

Deep-kneading SHIATSU: The Homedics Foot Massager delivers a circular kneading shiatsu massage that travels up and down the length of your feet, rejuvenating tired arches and soles. The triple rotational heads fully massage from toe to heel, delivering a lifelike massage experience OPTIONAL HEAT: The Triple Action Shiatsu Foot Massager’s heat feature will help to further melt away tension and enhance the massage. The use of heat helps to penetrate tired muscles in your arches and toes for ultimate comfort. Turn the heat on to enhance your massage experience and soothe your tired, achy feet. The heat will help to stimulate blood flow and promote healing.  CONSIDERATE DESIGN: The Tripe Action Shiatsu Foot Massager has a large platform design that accommodates people with larger feet. Anyone with any shoe size can enjoy this foot massager. While using the heat feature, the breathable fabric prevents your feet from overheating and helps them to stay dry.  EASY TO USE: This foot massager comes with integrated controls that are specially placed so that you can press them with your toe. Use the toe-touch controls to power on the massager. Push the button again to turn on the heating feature

Homedics foot massager Verdict

The Homedics Shiatsu Foot Massager is a highly efficient Shiatsu foot massager that will help you enjoy the benefits of the ancient Asian technique for the comfort of your feet. It comes equipped with 6 heads that rotate, so you will enjoy having both feet properly massaged at the same time. You will be able to experience a full Shiatsu massage and that without having to see a specialized therapist and pay a hefty sum of money for it. If you have been looking for a foot massager with Shiatsu functions, the Homedics Shiatsu Foot Massager one could easily be the one.

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2. Brookstone shiatsu foot massager with heat

shiatsu massager

Deep kneading massage rollers and Dynamic Squeeze air compression massage join blissful forces to combat foot fatigue and tension. Kneading massage rollers work out sore spots and stimulate key reflexology zones, while dual air compression massagers apply gentle pressure through squeezes to boost circulation and ease tension. All that foot-renewing relaxation is built into the streamline Brookstone Foot Massager with Selectable Heat that works easily in any space.

Features of the Brookstone Massager

  • Deep kneading massage rollers & air compression
  • Alleviate muscle pain
  • Its a shiatsu foot massager with heat which will enhance your foot massage
  • Its linings are removable for easy cleaning
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Brookstone stone massager has been designed with 3 auto massage programs; Pulse, Soothe and Energize
  • Fits Men’s up to 12.5  and Women’s 14 
  • Promote relaxation
  • It comes with a built-in cord wrap to keep it tidy
  • Relieve tension and fatigue

Brookstone shiatsu foot massager Verdict

After a hard day at work, we all deserve to enjoy a good massage at home in a relaxing environment. If you are into foot massage or need a foot massager for plantar fasciitis then the Brookstone foot massager is the perfect choice to keep your feet in tip-top condition.

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3. Belmint Foot Massager Machine with Heat Function

shiatsu foot massager

The Belmint portable foot massager for plantar fasciitis allows you to receive the benefits of a soothing, professional-quality Shiatsu without having to go to an expensive spa! Simply set up the machine in your favorite spot, turn it on with the one-tap toe control, adjust the settings to your liking and begin to marvel at how a compact machine can bring you so much relaxation.  When you are in the depth of a heavenly foot massage, the last thing you want to do is have to move. That is why the machine is equipped with a control panel that can be worked simply by pressing the buttons with your toes. Activate the heater, increase/decrease pressure, change the kneading setting or turn on the machine without having to get out of your chair!

Features Belmint Foot Massager

  • it has feature to enhance its massage
  • Belmint applies pressure on your feet for maximum relaxation
  • Comes with a removable & washable cloth cover
  • Five different pressure levels
  • 15 minutes auto shut-off
  • Fits up to size 12 feet

Verdict of Foot Massager Belmint

Belmint’s Shiatsu foot massager has deep-kneading nodes that work in harmony with your feet to relieve even the most intense, chronic foot pain or plantar fasciitis. It features a full control panel to customize heat, intensity, and duration, all with the touch of your toes. That means you can change up your massage or even turn the machine on and off without ever leaving your chair or moving your body. This reflexology foot massager is also rechargeable and tough enough to stand up to daily use.

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Benefits of a Shiatsu Foot Massager

You might have read the benefits of the complete Shiatsu Foot Massager in the previous paragraphs, but were you aware that a Shiatsu Foot Massager can aid the physique recover alone and eradicate particular ailments? The utilization of reflexology massage, a standard Chinese method utilized for healing the physique and also to unwind the muscle tissues in your feet. Consider a Homedics shiatsu foot massager for this purpose.

Deep Tissue Foot Massage

A lot of people have come across the therapeutic benefits of massage before, and what it requires, however, the expression deep tissue therapeutic massage is unfamiliar to most. The deep tissue massage is actually one of the most well-known varieties of therapeutic massage as well as one that gives your feet the most relief.

Shiatsu Foot Massage and Health

Foot treatment starts with nutrients, elimination of harmful toxins, and an infusion of moisture. In case you are consuming very good, natural foods and consuming a lot of water, performing standard foot massages will improve circulation that can enhance the nutrients for your pores and skin cells of your feet.

 Massage Chair Buying Guide

How Massage Chairs Work

Also known as stationary massage chairs, robotic Massage chairs work by use of vibrating rollers, mechanical arms that move vertically, horizontally and in circles to relieve stress and tension on your body muscles. There are others that use airbags and heat to relax muscles. Robotic massage chairs deliver almost all massage techniques and they include the following; They are shiatsu, flapping, deep tissue kneading and knocking. They are programmed to give professional kneads and knocks on areas that you need and you can choose the intensity of the massages.

Buy Massage Chairs Online

The consistency of the Robotic Massage Chairs

This is one of the areas that robotic massage chairs beat masseuse in. It is not easy to find a massage therapist that will offer quality massages most times.  A masseuse is prone to exhaustion and cannot last for more than 3 hours without getting tired, unlike a robotic massage chair that can go hours delivering same quality results.   A massage chair is always available unlike with a massage therapist who might be unavailable sometimes.

1-time Investment

Massage chairs require just 1-time investment and you forget about paying every time you request a massage therapist. Stationary massage chairs can be expensive but this should not be a prohibitive factor as to why you should not own one. Most massage chairs prices range from 500$ up to 3000$ depending on their features. On the other hand, massage therapists charges around 70$ to 200$ and this is per hour. If you have this per week, you will have parted with a good amount in 1 year. A massage chair is a good investment since they offer uncountable sessions.

Massage Frequency

How often do you want a professional massage? If you are trying to alleviate or manage pain caused by long-standing or by a migraine, then weekly massage therapies are needed.  If you have already purchased a massage chair at your home or office, then you can get massage as often as you want and no hassles of booking for a massage therapist. A massage chair is a good investment if you have a busy schedule. Visit our link below to buy one from a trusted eCommerce online store.

Privacy of Robotic Massage Chairs

With a massage chair, you don’t need to undress and you can use it anywhere you want, in the office, home, gym to name a few.

1.      Brookstone Massage Chair

Brookstone renew zero gravity massage chair

robotic massage chair

Relax, renew and rejuvenate with this Brookstone renew zero gravity massage chair. Brookstone is a renowned brand in the massage industry with their innovative products ranging from foot massagers, massage chairs etc. It will melt away your stress and soothe your body.

Brookstone Massage Chair Reviews

-It has 8 automatic massage programs -Massage programs offer full body massage, back relief, stress relief, sooth, and stretch. -it uses body scanning technology to customize the massage -It uses 42 air cells for squeeze air massage. This will squeeze your shoulders, arms, feet, and legs

Zero gravity massage chair

With a press of a button, this massage chair will recline your legs to a position of zero gravity Has built-in heat for effective massage

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2.      Real Relax Massage Chair

2. Real Relax Massage Chair

One of the standing features of Real Relax massage chair is that it is more affordable than the previous massage chair reviewed, click on the link below to confirm, a new tab will open.

Real Relax Massage Chair Review

Back Massager

It is a zero gravity massage chair and there are 50 airbags throughout the massage chair, over the shoulder, back, arms, legs for relaxation.  The easy to use remote control enables you to choose different levels of intensity of massages using its VFD display screen. Real relax massage chair is designed with an intelligent roller system designed to give a perfect foot massage. It has a heat therapy system for lower back that promotes blood circulation. Heat is also known to promote metabolism. It is shipped with a user manual and installation video hence it will be no problem to assemble. It is made of PU leather that is easy to clean. The Massage Chair comes with a 3-year warranty

Electric recliner massage chair

The user gets to enjoy massage more in a reclined position.

Full body shiatsu massage chair

It is a full body massage chair offering real relaxation to the whole body. It has 4 automatic massage programs to choose from. They are shiatsu, tapping, knocking and kneading. For the back, this electric recliner massage chair has 2 rollers that give shiatsu sensation.

Why buy Real Relax Full Massage Chair

-It is a perfect massage chair to relieve waist aches, shoulder and back pains with the various massage techniques. -it promotes blood circulation -it relaxes the body muscles N.B: It is a bulky massage chair hence makes sure you have enough space for it.

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3. Kahuna Massage Chair

Kahuna Massage Chair lm6800

massage chair kahuna

This is an all in 1 massage chair by Kahuna brand. It is a full body massage chair that will target upper back, lower back, and lower body. The massage techniques offered by kahuna lm6800 chair range from shiatsu, tapping, kneading and rolling.

Features of Kahuna Chair

-It is a full body massage chair; it massages the entire back and lower body. -Has 6 auto massage programs for shiatsu, kneading, rolling and tapping -It uses airbags and rollers on foot for massage

Shiatsu massage chair zero gravity

It’s a zero gravity massage chair recliner. It can recline to zero gravity, an effective position to enjoy a massage. -It has body scan technology -Kahuna chair has heating therapy on legs -Has adjustable massage intensity up to 3 levels – It has an ergonomic structural design with yoga stretching program

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4. Ideal Massage Chair

Ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair with Built-in Heat Zero Gravity Positioning Deep Tissue Massage – Beige

Massage Chair ideal

Melt away your daily stress with this therapeutic massage chair at an affordable price. This is a shiatsu massage chair, with zero gravity positioning and built-in heat. It will deliver a relaxing massage with its rollers and vibrations.

Massage Chair Ideal Features

– Ideal Massage Chair has 30 minutes interrupted massage -Uses humanized hands, therapeutic bags, and kneading balls at the foot area for massage – Massage Chair Ideal has 4 auto programs. The massage techniques offered by this massage chair include vibration, kneading, shiatsu, and spinal rolling. -Has manual mode to control the intensity and type of the massages etc -Ideal massage chair has built-in heat for the back muscles -It’s a zero gravity massage chair. For more info, visit the link below.

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5. Serta Massage Recliner

Serta Massage Recliner CR-46775 Black

robotic massage chair

-It is a recliner massage chair -The soft pillows with multi massage settings will meet your massaging needs

Cheap Massage Chair

-it is a massage chair under 500$ -it is constructed using pure soft faux leather

Click for more Info The modern man or woman is busy to go to a salon and get massage and therefore there is a greater need for a massage therapist to go to them with a portable massage chair and cater to their needs. The benefits of a portable massage chair are the same as getting a professional massage at a spa but in the convenience and comfort of your home without having to remove your clothes. They eliminate the problems associated with traveling to a spa.

What is a Portable Massage Chair- Massage Therapy Chair

Also known as a massage therapy chair, the portable massage chair is designed to be carried from one place to the other by a massage therapist.  We are not referring to robotic massage chairs that are stationary. You get full body massage at home and it eliminates the need for you to travel to a spa. It has been designed to comfortably offer back and neck massage in a seated position.  With a portable massage table, you will get quick relaxation with a head, neck, shoulders, hands and back massage. The types of massages given by a massage therapist range from deep tissue massage where he or she can apply deep pressure on your back, relaxation massage, trigger point releases which will be discussed later on.

6 Advantages of a Portable Massage Chair

-This is a portable massage table designed to be lightweight and can be carried from one customer to the other by a massage therapist hence no need to visit a salon or spa for a massage. -It is a massage therapy chair has been designed to take little space hence it can fit well in a corner of your office or home. -As I previously stated, there is no undressing and hence comfortable to many. This means massage can be given without a private room hence as a massage therapist, you can get potential customers in offices; work out rooms, sports fields, to name a few. -No massage oil or crèmes required since the customer is fully clothed hence this can be liked by many who don’t like to feel greasy after getting a massage or are allergic to massage oils. -They are affordable compared to the robotic massage chairs which cost more than 1000$ plus. -Many back conditions can be catered when a client is on a massage therapist chair. This is because the back, the shoulder is more accessible when they are seated.

ImageNameDescriptionStar RatingPrice Check
Yaheetech Portable Massage Chair
affordable portable massage chair, made of water-resistant leather,foldable, lighter, features multiple adjustments
Master Massage Portable Massage Chairfeatures aircraft grade steel frame , water and oil resistant PU Upholstery,multi layer cell foam,light.
EARTHLITE Portable Massage Chairfolds easily, light, made with strong aluminum material, 100% PU upholstery, adjustable parts
Stronglite Portable Massage ChairPortable massage chair with wheels, it is made from heat treated T6 aluminum alloy, folds easily, it is light,features a pouch, carry bag & its parts can be adjusted
BestMassage Portable Massage Chairfeatures a soft PU surface, 4’’ thick foam,adjustable parts,a carrying case and it is light

Portable Massage Chair vs Massage Table

Case Study

As a massage therapy, you get a call from a granddaughter of a very old woman. She explains that her grandmother has pain on her shoulders that is limiting her movements. This means she cannot get on a massage table. Her granddaughter urged her to get a professional massage and asks if you can do a house visit. She continues to explain that her grandmother will not take her clothes off. This is where you realize a portable massage chair is a better choice than a massage table. -It will be easy for the old woman to get onto and off of a portable massage chair than a massage table. -A therapist chair will allow you to easily access her head, neck, shoulders, and back but her legs and feet will be so low on the ground that you will be risking injuring your back if you bend over to massage them. However, a massage table will allow you access to all parts of the body. -With a massage table, the customer will likely be requested to undress and taken on a private room unlike with a massage therapist chair.

Features of Best portable massage chairs

-Best portable chairs are easy to set up and adjust -They are lightweight to be transported from one place to the other and come with a carry bag -They offer stability and strength to support all people -The best portable massage chair has a face cradle that can be adjusted easily -A strong armrest -Cushioned for maximum comfort

Best Portable Massage Chair-Portable massage chair Brands

Best portable massage Chairs have designed by these popular Massage brands;

  1. EarthLite
  2. Master Massage
  3. Stronglite
  4. BestMassage Brand

It was founded in 1987 and is known to make professional and innovative massage equipment. They include massage chairs, massage beds and it has won awards for its massage products. It is one of the leading brands in massage industry with products ranging from massage beds, portable massage chairs, master massage stone warmer etc. It was founded in 1976 by Michael Friedman. Michael Friedman opened a market for not only professional therapists but also for home users.  It is their honor to make high-quality massage products at an affordable price. For over 20 yrs, Stronglite has been in the massage industry designing high-quality massage chairs, tables and accessories. They put the priority on safety, value, durability, and aesthetics on their massage products. This is another big brand in massage products. They have been in the business for over a decade now and their massage equipment ranges from electric massage tables, massage chairs, oils, massage stones to name a few.

Portable Massage Chair Reviews

1. Yaheetech Portable Massage Chair

Yaheetech Portable Tattoo Spa Massage Chair Leather Pad Travel w/Free Carry Bag

portable massage chair

This is an affordable portable massage chair from Yaheetech; a brand that has been making massage products and equipment. It is a massage therapist chair has been designed with water-resistant leather, filled with foam for maximum comfort of a client.

Features of the Yaheetech Massage Chair Portable

– Yaheetech Portable Massage Chair features multiple adjustments on seat height, hand height and face cradle. -Has a solid structure and ideal for offices, bodybuilders, gyms and for homes. -It comes with a protective foot pad and a carry bag. -Maximum weight is 100kg -Its foldable, lighter and easy to receive, follow the link in the table above to read more.

2. Master Massage Portable Massage Chair

Master Massage Bedford Portable Light Weight Massage Chair with Carrying Case

portable massage chair

Master massage is another brand that has established itself well in the massage industry. It skillfully crafts massage equipments like this massage chair that has been designed with aircraft grade steel frame, multi-layer foam, oil and water resistant PU Upholstery. It is suitable for both professional and non-professional who need to use in clients houses, office, mall or gym.

Features of Master Massage Bedford Portable Massage Chair

-The portable massage chair is light hence can be transported from one place to the other. -It is strong enough to support the weight of up to 500lbs. -It features aircraft grade steel frame which makes it sturdy -Its foam is dense with its multi-layer cell foam for maximum comfort during a massage. -The PU Upholstery is water and oil resistant and its frame is coated to prevent scratches and rust -It comes with a free carry case, adjustable face cradle and folds nicely.

3. EARTHLITE Portable Massage Chair

portable massage chair

Earthlite is another massage Brand that manufactures innovative massage chairs; massage beds to name a few. Its portable massage chair is stylish, lightweight and constructed using the strong aluminum material. It is perfect for a sports therapist, home, office, and spas.

Features of EARTHLITE Massage Therapist Chair

-It folds easily and you get it with a carry case with shoulder straps -It features adjustable head parts, chest, seat height, and arm – 100% PU upholstery and supports working weight of up to 300lbs -Its light weighing only 15 lbs, hence can be transported from one place to the other -has 3 years warranty

4. Stronglite Portable Massage Chair

STRONGLITE Ergo Pro II Portable Massage Chair Package 

massage therapist chair

Portable massage chair with wheels

Stronglite designed their portable massage chair with wheels for easy movement. It is a complete package, comes with a pouch and carries case. It is from a brand that can be trusted to produce good quality massage equipments. Features of Stronglite Portable Massage Chair -It folds easily and completely -It features upholstered padding, made from heat treated T6 aluminium alloy and face pillow -The height of the massage chair and armrest can be adjusted – Stronglite Portable Massage Chair is lightweight

5. BestMassage Portable Massage Chair

portable massage chairs for sale

It is designed by a well-known brand in massage industry, BestMassage. It’s 4’’ Thick foam and soft PU surface will offer maximum comfort.

Features of BestMassage Portable Massage Chair

-It features soft PU surface -Seat, head and hand rest are adjustable -Comes with a carrying case -It is light and hence easy to transport from one place to another – BestMassage Portable Massage Chair is an affordable massage chair, visit the link in the table above to see the latest price.

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