Micro ring hair extension fixing in Bahrain-Call to make your hair longer

Micro ring hair extension fixing in Bahrain

About Micro ring hair extension fixing in Bahrain

Micro ring hair extension fixing in Bahrain is the newest and best technique in Bahrain of adding length and volume to your natural hair.

There is no braiding involved, glue, heating or even sewing. It is as simple as fixing the hair extension strands with micro ring beads and nobody will ever notice you are wearing hair extensions.

These hair extensions strands are fastened discreetly near your scalp and hence will not be easily noticed. There are several colors to choose from and you can reuse the hair since it is 100% human hair.

For fixing,contact:

Whatsapp: +973 36536591

Call: +973 36536591

Email: nashmaeva@gmail.com

Fixing Micro ring beads Hair Extension Bahrain 

Our mobile salon and spa does micro hair extension fixing in Bahrain using brand new and never used hair extension. The hair extension fixed on your hair is 100% human hair, original and good quality that can last from 6 months when taken care of.

Our price for fixing the micro ring hair extension is from 30bd.

What are micro ring hair extensions?

The micro ring hair extensions are strands of hair that are soft, straight, don’t have knots so it is easy to comb. They are easy to shampoo after they are fixed on your hair and you can curl, straighten or even dye them, just like your own hair.

When you want to remove the micro ring hair extension, there will be no problem since they are easy to remove and they do not damage hair.

1 pack contains 100 strands of micro ring hair extensions and they weigh 50 grams. Our salon and spa will advise on how many packs to fix depending on your volume of hair.

1 pack is always enough but some ladies may need 2 or 3 pack maximum with 200 and 300 strands of micro ring hair extensions respectively. Most micro ring hair extensions are between 12 inches to 28 inches.

Best Hair Extensions Bahrain

We consider micro ring hair extension as the best hair extensions in Bahrain because they are the most undetectable in the market today.

They are also the most comfortable to wear and 100% original human hair hence a superior quality. These types of hair extensions do not cause any damage to the hair.

Care of Micro Ring Hair Extensions

  1. Be shampooing and conditioning regularly
  2. Avoid focusing a lot and direct heat on the bonds when drying hair.
  3. Do not rub or twist too much your hair.
  4. Your hair will be tangled if you don’t take care of it well

Sale of Micro ring hair extension in Bahrain

Our salon sells micro ring hair extensions so visit this link to buy hair extension in Bahrain. Most ladies that want to add volume or length of their natural hair don’t know where to buy 100% human hair and so we sell to them at a reasonable price of 50 bd per pack which mostly is always enough for fix whole head.

Sale of Other hair Extension in Bahrain

We also sell other types of hair extensions and they include Clip-in Hair extension, tape hair extension, Micro Ring Loop Hair Extension, Flat Tape Hair Extension and Nano Ring Hair Extension.

Hair weaves are also available, quality ones with human hair.

Price of hair extension Bahrain

The human hair extension costs from 30 bd.

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