Massage Oil Warmer Reviews And Buyers Guide 2018

Massage Oil Warmer

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Massage Oil Warmer Reviews.

When you are preparing to be massaged, there is nothing worse than the sensation of cold oil hitting your skin. Warming the oil in your palms before applying can help but is not very efficient. A massage oil warmer is crucial for any massage therapist who wants to give a warm sensation to their clients. and even for use at home when massaging your partner. Warm oil massage makes the massage soothing and tranquil, which is the intention of a massage. If you are learning how to give a massage, one of your first purchases should be a massage oil warmer. The massage table should also be warm, so that when the person lays down there is no discomfort. Then when you first apply the warm oil to the skin it will create an immediate relaxing sensation, and he/she will begin to feel the benefits as you begin the session.

Applying warm massage oil helps the massage therapists hands to glide smoothly across the clients skin and also feels incredible for the client. You can also use warm oil for scalp massage treatments, luxurious foot or hand massage treatments, facial massage therapies, and of course of a standard full-body massage.

Settings And Maintenance.

Most massage oil warmers have one or two heat settings, but some have a fully adjustable temperature gauge so you are in total control of how warm your massage oil will be. For most warmers, adjustment is simple and can be done rapidly during the course of the massage session. Warm massage oil makes a big difference to the quality of the massage, because people are generally instantly relaxed with the first touch of warm hands caressing the skin. All clients needs are different bu the perfect temperature for oil is around 140 degrees so ensure that your massage oil warmer is capable of maintaining this temperature and has an auto cut off facility.

The best massage oil warmer will also be easy to clean. Oil can often escape and make a mess in the warming compartments so the warmer should be simple to wipe down when necessary. Be sure to use the correct massage oil bottle for your warmer as cheaper plastic bottles can melt when heated, which will not only be messy but possibly dangerous. Check before you buy that the massage oil warmer complies with safety standards. If the oil containers are made of plastic, look out for the HDPE symbol in a triangle (generally on the underside). This means that the material is high-density polyethylene that can withstand high temperatures.

Other Features To Consider.

Portability should be considered if you are massage therapist that does home visits. Most massage oil warmers heat just one bottle of oil at a time, but professional quality warmers hold as many as 3 bottles, useful for heating lotions, gels or even fragrant essential oils to create an ambient and peaceful environment.

We have chosen and tested 3 of the best massage oil warmers currently available and rated them accordingly. Check out our reviews below :

Master Massage 3 Bottle Oil Warmer

Massage Oil Warmer

This professional standard massage oil warmer is perfect for busy massage therapists. Complete with 3 8oz bottles to hold your various oils and lotions, it heats up rapidly saving you time. When you remove a bottle from the chamber this oil warmer beeps and disable the chamber for safety and to conserve energy. Build quality is to a high standard and it is easy to clean and maintain. Modern, lightweight design makes the Master extremely portable and a must for any professional salon or spa. Our top rated massage oil warms gets 5 stars.

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Omwah Massage Oil And Lotion Double Warmer

omwah oil warmer

The Omwah is another professional massage oil warmer that performs brilliantly. Featuring slots for 2 oil or lotion bottles and automatic temperature control that quickly heats your oils to the correct temperature with no fuss. Unfortunately this warmer does not come with bottles so you will need to purchase your own. Due to that, the Omwah receives a 4 star rating from us.

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Therapist’s Choice Massage Oil And Lotion Warmer

Therapist's Choice massage oil warmer

Great value massage oil and lotion warmer from Therapists Choice. Features auto temperature control and comes complete with a premium quality HDPE oil bottle. Just the one bottle slot but the price takes that into account. Stylish, compact design makes this a perfect choice for a mobile massage therapist. Durable and easy to clean, this warmer scores a deserved 4 1/2 stars.

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Final Thoughts.

Warm oil is essential for both professional massage therapists and also for home use and the best way to heat your oil and maintain the perfect temperature is to use a massage oil warmer. We hope our review of the best massage oil warmer has been helpful. For a delightful home massage without the need for oils (or a massage therapist), take a look at our best massage chair review

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