You need a good massage in Nairobi if you are one of those that wake up in the morning feeling tired and you have not done any work.

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Massage in Nairobi

My name is Natasha, a beautician. I do professional relaxation massage and deep tissue massage at your apartment, hotel or whatever place you might be. I have been outside the country for some time but am here now.

Unlike some ladies pretending to offer massage but are in other business, mine is professional where I ease the pain aided with painkiller creams and most important relax your tired relax muscles.

Body Massage has incredible healing powers and that’s why it is not only offered in health clubs and spas but in homes, hospitals and airports. Therefore massage therapy cannot be considered as a luxury but as a part of a wellness plan. Better to spend money on a great massage than spending on treating health conditions that could have been prevented by doing a professional massage.

Contact for Massage in Nairobi:

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5 reasons you should get Massage in Nairobi

  1. Alleviating back pain; pain is a way that the body communicates when something is wrong. Most people suffer from back pain and spend good money on medical treatment but at this platform, we believe prevention is better than cure. Alleviate your back pain the natural way in Nairobi with our professional massages. Research shows that a regular massage on the back eliminates tensions, knots, and stress on back muscles hence alleviating pain.
  2. You need massage if you feel tired all the time; fatigue and tension can build up in the body and that’s why some people feel tired and yet they have not done any work. Get rid of this constant fatigue the natural way with a great massage. A good massage loosens muscle knots. When tired, body muscles stick on each other for support and eventually hardening and hence you cannot work properly.
  3. Alleviating stomach health conditions; are you a constant victim of bloating and constipation?  Constant massage on stomach encourages bowel movements, relaxing stomach muscles and relieving constipation and bloating. It is very possible to do it on yourself, self-massage on your stomach because it is easy to reach, unlike your back.
  4. You have headaches often; if you are a victim of regular headaches, massages will relieve pain associated with tension or a migraine headache. Good head massage encourages blood circulation in the head scalp. First, consult your doctor to determine the cause of your constant headaches before beginning with head massage therapy.
  5. For relaxation; good massages provide the best relaxation to tired and tensed bodies. I know you constantly service your car for every 3000 miles, your body deserves the same care.

 Massage in Kenya

In whatever part of Kenya you are, call for our professional massage and we will come. Massage therapy is effective for pain management. It has been used to relief health-related conditions like arthritis, shoulder pain, fibromyalgia, stress headaches, and lower back pain.

The average Kenya worker sits at a computer 8 to 9 hours daily causing his back and shoulder muscles to get tired and weak. This can be prevented by taking a few minutes of breaks and stretching your body.

Mobile Salon Nairobi or Mobile Spa in Nairobi

massage in nairobi

Get all salon services at your doorstep. With the delivery of food and groceries in this modern age, why not salon services? The salon services include;

-Hair straightening

-Pedicure and manicure


-Micro ring hair extension fixing in Nairobi

-Massage in Nairobi


I am just one phone call away, and I will come with good quality beauty products and equipments needed for the service you will request. I am a qualified, experienced beautician and hairdresser.

Micro ring hair extension fixing in Nairobi

Micro ring hair extension in Nairobi is the best technique of putting human hair extension. If fixed by an experienced hair stylist like me, it is not easy to tell because they are fixed using small rings that hold the strands of extension with your hair.

Using a microring matching color of your hair, individual strands of extensions are clamped onto your head using a special tool and this makes them undetectable.  I attach micro rings extensions neatly using 100% human hair, not synthetic hair. Watch the video below to learn more.

Micro ring extension fixing in Nairobi is best for women who want to add length and volume to their hair. Discard those weaves and move with time, micro ring extensions will allow you to have a long hair and you can wash, straighten, and curl like your own hair unlike weaves because they are 100% human hair.

Long hair is not a dream anymore; it’s a goal you can attain with micro ring fixing in Nairobi by Natasha. 1 pack of 100 individual extension strands of hair may be enough for you or 2 depending on the volume of your hair.

3 Reasons to have a Mobile Spa service in Nairobi

-you save time and energy by visiting a spa especially if it is a located in a busy area with traffic jam. The last thing you want after having a relaxing massage is driving back home through a hectic traffic jam.

-a mobile spa service in Kenya will give you a customized service, just how you want it. You will get all the attention and no bother from other customers like the way it is in the spa. You are made to feel like a celebrity.

-you get spa or salon services in the comfort of your home where it is quiet. This is contrary to a spa where they will be other clients making calls, talking or bustling around especially if it’s a busy spa.