Manicure table reviews-6 Best manicure Tables Reviewed for Salon or Home Use

affordable nail table

If you are a mobile beautician, you should know that it is not professional to do a manicure on your customer’s dinner tables. Buy a portable manicure table like the one below that will ease your work and make it look professional.

Giantex Portable Manicure Nail Table Station

manicure table

-It is a manicure table by a company called Giantex

-Features drawer and wrist cushion

Giantex Portable Manicure Nail Table comes with a carrying bag and foldable strong legs

Manicure table for Salon Use

A portable manicure table will give you the flexibility of moving it whichever place you want to go. Most women go to nail salon at least twice a month and get their nails, feet, and hands done as well as other services.

In fact, every woman goes to a spa or salon in order to look pretty. A nail salon is a beauty service establishment that offers care to the nails like manicures, pedicure, scrubbing and adding nail enhancements.

A nail spa or salon specializes in grooming for both feet and hands and sometimes relaxation is provided by massagers. In many countries, nail salon establishments are popular businesses with some nail magazines reporting large numbers.

Men and women that offer nail care are called nail technicians. Their roles include cleaning, shaping and softening the cuticles of the nails. They may also apply gel or polish to the nails to make them more attractive.

 A pedicurist and manicurist provide nail care but also do extra services of cleaning hands or legs.

Nail Kits, Nail Equipment or nail tools

There is a lot of wide selection of nail tools found in a nail kit. They cater to various nail services, manicure and pedicure offered at the salon. They include nail polish, nail dryer, manicure and pedicure accessories, foot baths, manicure tables, pedicure stools, nail file etc.

The basic pieces of equipment required in a nail salon are listed below. We have reviewed the best and modern nail equipment needed for your salon.

Manicure Table or Nail Table

This is an important equipment that all nail salons use doing a manicure. There are various types of manicure tables that you can buy depending on your needs which I will review later on.

It is almost like a desk but designed for a manicurist to work on a spacious and steady surface. Most of the manicure tables have a table lamp, storage drawers, hand rest and swivel casters.

Modern ones have additional features like vents, built-in electrical outlets, and polish racks. The material used to make most manicure tables include durable wood which is easy to clean. Their prices depend on the materials they are made from and additional features. Foldable manicure tables are affordable with some costing less than $100.

Importance of a Nail Table

Removing yourself old nail polish, cleaning, shaping your nails and applying new nail polish can be a tedious and a long process if you don’t have a nail table. The same applies to a salon that doesn’t have a nail station.

Therefore a nail table lets you do it properly and you will not regret buying one. A manicure table is an indispensable equipment for a salon, beautician or every lady that likes to keep her nails looking good.  Let’s face it, every lady likes to look good everywhere.

Types of Manicure Tables

Fordable manicure Table/Portable Manicure Table

A foldable manicure table is a simple workstation that is easily folded. This makes it portable from one place to the other. Foldable manicure tables have foldable metal legs and locking wheels to move it from one place to the other.

They are made from the material that is easy to clean, sanitize and a customer can rest arm comfortably on armrest that most come with. Here are the best foldable manicure tables that we tested and can recommend;

  1. Yaheetech Portable & Foldable Black Manicure Nail Table Review
nail tables

-This is a product of Yaheetech

-its measurement is 28 inches high, 37 lengths and 17.3 widths.

– Yaheetech Portable nail table features a drawer, carry bag and lockable wheels on legs for movement.

-It is simple, good quality and affordable, visit the link below to see the price or buy on Amazon.

Check Price on Amazon

Manicure table lamp

Manicure tables with lamp tend to facilitate the work of a manicurist in providing more light.

He or she can see well the curves and all the details of a customer’s nail if a salon is not properly lit. This is one of the best manicure tables with lamp:

1.Manicure Table with Lamp by PIBBS Review

manicure tables

-It is a portable manicure table with lamp – PIBBS Manicure Table with Lamp includes a storage drawer and its measurement is 29 high, 31 long and 16 inches wide. -Its legs are foldable and this eases storage -has a 1-year warranty.

Buy on Amazon

2.  Manicure Nail Table Black Marble Laminated Top by Dina Meri

nail tables

-This is also a manicure table with a lamp by Dina Meri brand. -It is made in the USA -has 4 trays and cabinet for storing manicure accessories; it is lockable for security purpose. -Has a padded armrest and features a large space workspace.

Click to read other users Reviews

Manicure table with Vent

This is a manicure table with a vent. This will suit many manicurists and people who like doing their own manicure because it cleans the air which becomes stuffy after applying nails polish.

Some cleaning liquids like cuticle remover often is irritating to some customers and hence a fan will be of great help to blow away the smell.

 nail technician table with extractor fan

-It is a nail technician table with an extractor fan that helps in pulling dust downwards

-It is a product By Giantex Brand

Giantex nail table comes with a carrying bag and its legs are foldable with wheels for portability.

manicure tables

Buy on Amazon

White manicure Table

For those who prefer a particular color depending on the décor of their salon, there are white manicure tables and other colors to choose from. One of the most rated white manicure table on Amazon include the following:

   LCL Beauty Portable nail table

-It is a white manicure table by LCL beauty -It is a portable and foldable manicure table. – LCL beauty comes with a carrying bag -comes with a drawer to store manicure things

white manicure table

Check price on Amazon

Looking for a feet massager? Click this link to read our review of the best feet massager.

Ultimate Guide to Choosing salon manicure Tables or Nail Station

The beauty industry continues to boom. Whichever country you go, you will see clients waiting for their turn to get nail treatments or manicures. It is therefore important to have all necessarily manicure furniture if you are planning on starting a nail salon.

The market has lots of different manicure tables to choose from and we will help you choose the best ones based on your needs. We have done the research for you considering factors like free shipping, features, price, quality, and material that make a great nail table.

Buying the right manicure table for your customers will not only improve the appearance of your salon but solve the main purpose its intended for.

Organized salon with manicure tables improves hygiene since premium manicure tables are scratch resistant and their surfaces can be cleaned easily in case of any chemical spills.   A nail or manicure table provides comfort and efficiency for everyone.

Factors to consider when buying a Manicure Table

So what are this factors you should consider before a manicure table? First, decide if you want the manicure table to be serving you in a salon or moving it from one place to the other for your customers.

Portable manicure table versus Stationary Manicure Table

Do you own a mobile salon or visit your customers regularly at their homes to make their nails? Then you need a portable manicure table which is light, foldable and portable.

It comes with a carry bag like the ones reviewed above where you can carry it from your one place to the other. It is easy to assemble and disassemble and it is easy to store anywhere you want, under the bed and saves space a great deal.

If you want nail tables for your stationary salon, then stationary nail tables are better suited for your salon needs. Some of them are designed with drawers and a cabinet like Dina Meri manicure table reviewed above.

This adds more storage space for manicure tools like nail polish. Stationary manicure tables are more spacious than portable manicure tables hence best suited for salons that are immobile.

Affordable manicure tables-Price

Price is always an important factor when any commodity. It depends on your budget and the amount of money that you plan to spend. There are some manicure tables reviewed above which are not only affordable but are of good quality and will stay for a long time.

Sometimes higher price manicure tables have the best quality extra accessories so don’t let the lowest price be the only factor to consider when choosing a manicure table for your salon needs.

The Brands of Salon Manicure Tables

The brands reviewed above, Yaheetech, Giantex and Dina Meri makes good manicure tables. They are brands to trust since they are known for making good quality and durable salon furniture.

The material of the Nail table surface

This is an important feature to consider for before you buy any nail table. Buy a nail table that is scratch resistant and doesn’t absorb chemical spills.

Size of a manicure

Does the manicure table that you are buying have the right height, length, and width? These are basics that manicure table should have for comfort and efficiency when giving and getting a manicure.

Modern Manicure table

The modern manicure table is stylish, attractive and has added features. This kind of manicure tables will make your salon look luxurious and their tables surfaces are acetone spill free, well polished.


This is another factor to consider when buying a nail table. A nail table with the required accessory will save you extra money of buying it. There are manicure tables with vent, lamp and others with cabinets and drawers that we have reviewed on top of this article.

Nail table with Drawers and Cabinets

A nail table with drawers and cabinets adds storage space. This will cut down expenses of salon owners in buying storage spaces for their manicure kit.

Manicure table with ventilation

A manicure table with built-in ventilation will help in bringing down bad air. Nail polish and other kinds of stuff fumes are things you would not want to inhale. Some manicure tables have inbuilt vents which will pull down the fumes.

Manicure table with lamp

The manicure tables with light are of great help since they cut expenses of salon owners in buying an extra lamp. Lamps are useful in providing the light needed to perfectly do nail cleaning.


The color of a nail table can be an important factor depending on your salon décor. Also, dark-colored nail tables are preferred by some manicurist because they hide some resistant stains.

Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Nail Dryers

Nail dryer

After you are done with nail polish or gel application, you will definitely need to dry your nails. You don’t want to wait for a long time for them to dry especially if you put hard work into decorating them.

The traditional method of drying nails takes lots of time before nail polish is completely dry and one may end up spoiling the paint. A professional nail dryer is the best way to dry polish on nails. It is also very efficient if your nail art requires you to apply different layers of polish.

What is a Nail dryer?

Just like a hair dryer, a nail dryer works by blowing warm, cold air or emitting UV wavelengths and are specifically designed to dry nails. Most nail dryer models use UV light or LED light. It is important to understand how nail polish dries up.

There are solvents in the polish bottle that prevents it from drying up or hardening. When the polish bottle is opened and is exposed to air, these solvents start to evaporate. The solvent is the chemical that keeps the polish in liquid form when it disappears, nail polish hardens.

3 Benefits of using a Nail Dryer

Faster Drying time: a professional nail dryer takes less than 5 minutes to dry nails, unlike traditional methods that can take up to 30 minutes.

A nail dryer is a requirement especially to ladies who like to apply different layers of nail polish at ago; using a nail dryer gives a professional finish too.

No accidents: A nail dyer professionally and quickly dries nails, no room and time for messing with the applied nail polish.

Efficient: Nail artist professional knows how efficient a nail dryer is because it doesn’t only saves time but allows them to work on different clients at the same time.

Types of Nail Dryers

-Portable Nail Dryer-Battery Operated Nail Dyers

-LED Nail Dyers and UV Nail Dryers

1. Portable Nail dryers

Portable nail dryers can be used anywhere. They are battery operated hence no plugging to electricity. They are very good to use at home and when traveling. Most use batteries and are small in size, fitting most luggage bags. Portable dryers are also cheap.

2. LED Nail Dyers versus UV Nail Dryers

 LED nail dryersUV nail dryers
Curing time30 seconds2 minutes
Bulb lifeBulbs don’t need to be replaced Periodically, they last with the lamp Need to be changed periodically
CostPrices are a bit higherAffordable
Types of polishCures polishes meant for LED lightCures all types of gel polish

EfficiencyUses less energy, this is because it emits narrow UV wavelengths targeting specific place hence eco friendlyUses lots of energy because it emits broad UV wavelengths of light

Factors to Consider when selecting a Nail Dryer

Use: Do you want a personal nail dryer or a salon nail dryer? For home use, you can purchase a portable or battery operated nail dryer which is smaller in size and can be carried anywhere.

You can opt also for corded if you will be using it often. For salon use, you need a professional that will cater for the volume of your customers.

You need the one that can fit 2 hands instead of one in order to service more customers. I will recommend using an LED Nail dryer.

How safe are Nail Dryer?

The UV rays from a nail dryer are minimal especially an LED nail dryer compared to other activities people engage in on the sun, like laying on beaches, walking, tanning beds etc.

The majority of nail dryers use UV-A which is safer than UV-B. LED dryers are also safer because they take very less curing time. One can take more precautions at home like using sunscreen to apply on hands or purchase anti-UV gloves to protect skin.

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