Using E-Cigarettes to Help you give Smoking


Giving up smoking is a big challenge and many people make several attempts before they are finally successful. In an effort to make the change from smoker to non-smoker easier there have been various products made available that gradually reduces our dependence on nicotine, the addictive substance contained in cigarettes.

One of the methods that have seen an explosion in popularity lately has been the electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette. An e-cigarette simulates the experience of a cigarette while eliminating the harmful smoke that results from the real thing. You are not actually burning any tobacco so there is no smoke produced and subsequently no smell (and no harmful second hand smoke) to annoy everyone else in the vicinity. This feature also makes the e-cigarette legal in most places where smoking has been banned. You do need to check beforehand however as some venues still frown upon the practice.

E-cigarettes are battery powered and contain a small reservoir of tobacco flavoured water which also holds the nicotine. When a smoker draws back (in the same way you smoke a real one), a small amount of water is drawn into an atomizing chamber, which heats up the water and turns it into a vapour. This vapour is then inhaled, just as with a regular cigarette.

The cartridges are available in different flavours and come in different strengths of nicotine. Flavours can include regular, menthol, and even strawberry and apple for those who like something a bit more exotic.

So how does an e-cigarette provide any health benefits?

The smoke produced by a real cigarette is loaded with dozens of harmful chemicals that harm not just the health of the smoker but also those in the near vicinity who are forced to breathe in the second hand smoke. E-cigarettes produce no such smoke.

Many also ask the question as to how does substituting the real thing for an electronic device help a smoker quit altogether. The answer lies in the strength of the nicotine contained in the capsule. A smoker can gradually reduce their dependence on nicotine by purchasing cartridges with less nicotine in them. Eventually they should be able reduce their cravings to an easily manageable level where they no longer feel the compulsion to smoke.

Can’t think of a decent gift? Try a T-Shirt

Cool T-shirts

Sometimes it can be difficult to think of a present to buy for someone who pretty much has everything they need and want. When you’re faced with these situations one option that will be sure to please is to get them a t-shirt.

You aren’t going to buy just any old t-shirt of course. You need to spend some time finding a unique t-shirt that fits in with their personality. The best t-shirts as gifts are ones that will reflect their sense of humor. They may prefer humor that is a little on shocking side – in which case there are plenty of shirts to choose from depending on just how shocking the wearer of the t-shirt likes to be.

Your friend might be very vocal about their political preferences. Fortunately there is a t-shirt for every party whether it’s to support or denigrate the other in a humorous way (or not so humorous). Shirts can also make it very clear about what a person believes in – whether it’s to save the whales or to state their undying love for science.

A T-shirt can also be plain if you happen to be buying for someone who doesn’t enjoy being extravagant. If they like plain colors then get their favorite, but you can also get t-shirts with a design that doesn’t quite conform to the usual t-shirt cut. It could have a v-neck or a crew neck where the neck goes all the way around like a cuff.

For a truly unique gift you can get a t-shirt custom designed. The printing available these days makes anything possible, and it’s really only limited by your imagination. Whether it’s your own unique design or an old photo that will make them laugh.

You may even feel like you’re doing your bit for the environment if you choose a shirt that is made entirely from cotton. This is the material to choose if the person you are buying for has allergy conditions as cotton is hypoallergenic. Cotton is also 100% biodegradable and one of the most comfortable materials to wear next to your skin. If you’re a stickler for detail make sure you get a shirt that is 100% cotton certified as there are many imitators on the market.

Decoration Ideas for The Man Cave With Personalized Man Cave Signs

Men are strange creatures who sometimes have special needs. A man, especially a family man such as me who is outnumbered by females 5 to 1, needs a place he can call his own. He needs it to be his go to place for de-stressing from work, and where he can hang out with his mates. It’s a place where he can be rough and tough, and also cuss and tell dirty jokes, without any fear of reprisals or evil glares from those of a more refined nature.

This is where the man cave comes in. The man cave is a bloke’s fortress of solitude. It’s a safe place where he can be himself and where he can get a bit rowdy with his buddys during the game. He is free to yell some much needed abuse at the opposing team, safe in the knowledge that delicate ears won’t be able to hear. For many blokes a man cave is a place where he can regain some of the freedom he enjoyed during his bachelorhood (within reason of course).

As the man cave holds such a special place in a man’s heart it needs to be decorated appropriately. Females get the rest of the house to do with as they please but the cave is strictly a man’s domain to decorate as they see fit. There are the obvious accessories such as the big screen TV and the stereo loud enough to make your ears bleed. Other essential items a cave needs are comfy chairs – some for the company of course, but the man of the cave needs his own special seat, reserved only for him. You may, if you like, call it the throne.

Other considerations for a cave are a fridge to keep the mixers cold, as well as a place to serve the drinks and store the glasses. The longer you need to spend in the cave the larger a fridge is needed so use your own discretion. In the off season it’s essential to have some sort of sports related entertainment on offer. A lot of males go for the pool table and that’s okay for larger rooms. For fellas where space is at a premium the perfect alternative would be a foosball or air hockey table.

Once these essential items are firmly in place the rest of the cave decorating is purely for aesthetic reasons and is a way for a bloke to truly make it their own. Some men like to decorate with animal head trophies or amusing and sometimes slightly rude posters or prints. Politely let your buddies know if they need to bring their own, or if the beer is always on tap with personalized wooden signs stating the rules of the house.

Some people are hard to buy gifts for but if you’re lucky enough to know someone with a man cave then your job is almost done for you. Man cave accessories are always popular and there are many creative and funny ideas available to suit whatever personality you are buying for. One particular favorite of mine states that “What happens in the man cave stays in the Man cave.” There’s no better way to give the denizens of the cave that exclusive club secret society vibe.

So if you’re a bloke who occasionally feels outnumbered and unfairly surrounded by flowers, or pink and pretty things, be sure to annex a small part of the kingdom for your own personal needs and unleash your personality upon it.

cave man house

A kid’s room should be warm and welcoming but you shouldn’t just stop at brightly colored paint for the walls as there are options to make the room even more inviting for young kids and their friends. Wall decorations have recently become very popular as a way to make a child’s room completely new unique and turn it into their own little fantasy escape. There are a few really good reasons that wall papers are a great idea as an interior decorating option not least of which is the speed at which they can be applied to a wall.

The new range of wall papers are designed to be super simple to use and can change the look of a room in no time flat. Of course one wallpaper will never be enough and a variety should be chosen around a common theme whether they be fantasy based, spaced based, or even a variety of tree wall paper decorations to give the room a mysterious forest look reminiscent of those you read about in popular fairy tales.

Fast becoming a favorite interior decorative mechanism for many home owners; the wall decorations owe their popularity in part to the fact that there is no mess to clean up. There are no messy glues needed as many simply peel off and stick to wherever you want them. What’s more they are also easy to remove and replace if you decide they are not quite right.

The wall papers listed above are also very safe as there are no chemicals, paints, or tools to deal with. They don’t require you to add hooks or nails, and you won’t have any holes to patch up when it’s time to remove them.

Protecting Children against Harmful Internet Programs

The safest way to protect your kids is to stop them using the Internet altogether but this can put them at a major disadvantage in terms of their educational experience. Many schools now require their students to spend at least some time on the Internet researching their homework and finding information for assignments.

The answer to this parental dilemma is to get a software program that money can buy. You can’t stand behind your children every time they turn their computer on just to make sure they don’t venture into harm’s way. Download a good software to install onto your child’s PC to help you protect them from the dangers lurking behind every chat program.

Good software can record everything your child is doing on their computer so you can see who they are talking to, which sites they are visiting, and also keep track of any passwords they may have made up to restrict your access (kids can be sneaky like that). A keystrokes recorder will also let you browse what they have been doing at any time should you not be able to monitor them in real time.

If you’re worried about your children using the Internet while you are away from home the software and keystrokes recorder will transmit data to a remote computer, allowing you to receive screen shots via FTP, or even have them sent to you via email.

The software isn’t of much use if somebody knows you have it installed. The best one operates in complete stealth mode and doesn’t show up in any of the obvious areas where it can be uninstalled or disabled, such as startup or uninstall folders.

You may be concerned about whether you are invading your children’s privacy. The fact of the matter is that kids will rarely tell when they get into this sort of trouble (usually through manipulation and fear). Don’t concern yourself with the moral issues of spying on your kids – their lives are at stake so you need to decide which is the more important – their lives or their privacy?

Have a Young Family? Get Your Estate Planning in Order Before it’s too Late!

Becoming a new parent is a wonderful and worrying experience all at the same time. As new parents your protective instincts are on full alert to keep your new precious family member safe. On that first trip home you check and double check the seat belts are all firmly attached and you will probably find yourself driving much slower than the speed limits allow. When you get home with your little bundle of joy you will likely spend many sleepless nights imagining and worrying about their future.

None of us like to think about it, but part of providing for and protecting your children is to make sure they are taken care of even if tragedy strikes and you are no longer there to nurture them and guide them through life. With the proper planning you can maintain control over your children’s welfare after your death.

Without proper planning the welfare of your children will be decided upon by the judicial system. This means that the courts will get to decide who is awarded custody of your children, and they will also control the distribution of any inheritance that you may have been able to leave behind.

It gets even worse, as a judge will appoint a temporary guardian until the busy judicial system gets around to holding a full hearing to make the final decision, possibly many months later. Your lack of planning may cause rifts in the family left behind, as they battle each other for custody rights. In the worst-case scenario it is possible your children could find themselves in temporary, or even permanent, foster care.

All of these scenarios can be avoided if you have a Last Will and Testament in place. This vital document makes it clear to a judge what your wishes are in regards to custody over your children should tragedy strike. Everyone should have a last will and testament made out but it is especially important for parents of young children, until they are mature enough to manage it well.

Proper estate planning will also ensure that you have control over who gets possession of your material goods, the best person to handle your business affairs, and who will manage the property you will have left for your children.

Don’t leave anything to chance, make a start today. Sit down and list all of your material possessions and how much they are worth. This list should include all of your insurance policies and retirement plans. Think ahead to the future as your family needs will definitely change as the years go by. Your estate plan will need to evolve along with those needs. An outdated will is hardly of any use if it doesn’t accurately reflect the family’s needs should you pass away.

Once you’ve finished writing out the basics it’s time to get professional estate planning so all of your wishes are set in stone.