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Keratin Hair Treatment Bahrain

Our Keratin Hair Treatment Bahrain

Are you longing for a smoother and straighter hair?  our keratin hair treatment Bahrain will deliver what you are looking for. Keratin treatments restore lost proteins leaving your hair shiny, soft, manageable and straight.

Keratin treatment is designed for dull and damaged hair. If you are looking for a beautiful hair that you can easily manage, then contact us for a session which cost 20 bd depending on the length of your hair.

Steps for Keratin Treatment-Watch the Video Below

What is Keratin?

Before I discuss keratin treatment, it is good you understand naturally occurring keratin and why it is important to our hairs. Keratin is the protein that is found on the outer layer of our hair and is also found on skin and nails.

It is the most crucial component of our hair that form the protective layers around the hair follicle that makes a strong and healthy hair.

This is the major reason why many hair products contain keratin so they can protect your hair from the heat of flat irons and blow dryers.

When your hair is damaged, most of the keratin or protein on the outer layer of your hair shaft is always shed off.

What is keratin Treatment-All you need to know about keratin Hair treatment Bahrain

Keratin treatment is a semi-permanent hair straightening procedure that targets the outside layer of our hairs. It deposits protein keratin in liquid form on hair combined with a chemical preservative.

The keratin treated hair is then blown dried and then flat ironed into a straight position.  This softens curls without altering your hair texture unlike hair rebonding that permanently alters the structure of a hair.

Safe Application of Keratin hair treatment Bahrain

A point to note is that some keratins contain higher concentrations of formaldehyde or methylene glycol that are harmful. When buying keratin treatment product at a beauty shop, try to get one with 2% or zero formaldehyde or methylene glycol.

If not, ensure your hair stylist/salon use 2 percent formaldehyde keratin product which is recommended or go for other highly effective natural hair treatments like hair Botox that don’t have health risks.

The safe concentration of formaldehyde in keratin products should be anything under 2 percent.

Get also a professional stylist that knows the negative effect of overheating treated hair, heavily heating treated hair at 450 degrees with a flat iron may leave your hair not feeling wonderful.

How Keratin Hair Treatment works in Bahrain

When keratin hair treatment is applied on damaged hair, the hair cuticle absorbs the keratin and it is then sealed by straightening with a flat iron at moderate heat. It will smoothen too the hair cuticles resulting in a shiny looking hair.

It straightens curly hair and you can style easily when you treat with keratin.

Keratin Treatment Bahrain for Men

Our mobile Salon offers keratin treatment for both men and women in Bahrain who want to restore their damaged hair or straighten it. 

Visit this link to request our home keratin treatment Bahrain

Importance of Keratin Hair Treatment Bahrain

Are you looking for a smoother, manageable and straighter hair? Then keratin treatment Bahrain will make this possible. This type of treatment is very popular at salons.

Time-saving; If you spend over 2 hours straightening your hair, shorten your straightening time with keratin hair treatment.

Less frizzy hair; Keratin hair treatment Bahrain solves frizzy hair problems. It also softens kinky hair so this could be a very good remedy if your hair is the kinky type or have a rough texture.

It is a very good treatment for thicker and coarser hairs plus natural hairs.

Best Brand Keratin Treatment

The best keratin brands include Coppola Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy, the La-Brasiliana treatment, the Brazilian Blowout, Global Keratin Complex, Brazilian Hair Straightening, and Brazilian Keratin Treatment which i have reviewed below.

How long does the Keratin Treatment last?

Most keratin treatments last for 3 to 6 months. This is because they are semi-permanent hair straightening hair procedure and does not permanently alter the structure of hair like the way hair rebonding does.

It only targets the outer layer of our hair than changing the inner layer.

Do formaldehyde-free keratin treatments work?

There are formaldehyde-free keratin treatments used in a salon and yes they work.  An example is Cezanne’s Keratin Smoothing Treatment that has sericin as an active ingredient that is made by silkworms. It produces similar results with Brazilian hair treatment.

They don’t have offending smells and are safer on the skin especially to those who have sensitive skin.

Is Keratin treatment good for dyed Hair?

The keratin treatment is actually good for dyed hair. It restores shine and strength of hair.

If however your dyed and bleached hair is straight and thin, you are not advised to have keratin treatment, instead, go for hair Botox or other natural effective hair treatments.

Hair Botox Bahrain- Hair Botox versus keratin, what’s the difference?

Hair Botox

Hair Botox is a deep conditioning treatment that contains main ingredients like proteins, lipids, and vitamins. It is an anti-aging hair treatment, hence the name hair Botox and it is not a chemical treatment at all. This deep conditioning fills the gaps on hair fibers leaving it shiny and silky.

It is a treatment that focuses on restoring lost protein on hair strands. It was designed too for lifeless and dull hair.

So what is the difference between Keratin and Botox treatment?

The active ingredient found on hair botox is glycolic acid that is found naturally on sugar cane. This active ingredient helps too with scalp conditions such as psoriasis and dandruff problems. The active ingredient in keratin treatment is formaldehyde which can be harmful if used in large quantities. Ensure your hairstylist use less than 2% or zero formaldehyde to avoid damaging your hair. 

Keratin treatments deliver more proteins on a hair compared to a hair Botox treatment.

Both treatments repairs damaged hair and are suitable for all hair types, though course hair is best treated with keratin.

Hair Botox treatment effects last from 2 to 4 months while keratin treatment lasts from 3 to 6 months.

Hair Rebonding Bahrain

What is hair rebonding?

Hair rebonding uses harsh chemicals to relax the hair and it permanently straightens hair. It affects both the outer and inner layer of hair, altering completely the structure of it.

There are so many side effects of hair rebounding or relaxing your hair as it is left fragile and prone to breaking off if care is not observed.

If not done by a professional therapist, you can burn a lot on your scalp and damage could last long.

Best Hair Treatment in Bahrain

Best Hair Treatment in Bahrain is no or less than 2% formaldehyde keratin treatments and hair Botox and worst hair treatment in Bahrain is hair rebonding, both are discussed.

4 Best Brand Keratin Treatment-Keratin treatment products reviews and Guide

Now that you have learned the importance of restoring lost proteins on your hair leaving it shiny, silky and manageable, let me review some of the popular keratin treatments brands, their advantages, and disadvantages.

I will provide info on where to get them, why they are popular and recommend the best ones that have been effective to my salon customers, have no or 2% formaldehyde and did not damage their hair.

Formaldehyde Free Keratin Treatment Reviews

  1. Peter Coppola Keratin Hair Treatment-Formaldehyde free smoothing and Straightening Hair treatment (3oz)

Peter Coppola Keratin
Peter Coppola Keratin reviews
It’s a formaldehyde free keratin

-It’s a product by peter coppola

-It is an effective product that reduce frizz, smoothens hair and soften curls for both men and women.

- Peter Coppola Keratin Blocks humidity on your hair so straightened hair lasts longer.

- Peter Coppola Keratin Hair Treatment lasts from 2 months hence your hair is not in way damaged like relaxers do.

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Advantages of Peter Coppola Keratin for Women and Men

Peter Coppola hair keratin has been effective to my salon customers because it softens their hair thus reducing frizz and taming curls a great deal.

It is formaldehyde free hence safe to use for me and my customers. No offensive smells that is experienced like when using other strong formaldehyde keratins.

It’s a great product in controlling split ends and humidity after keratin gets sealed on hair cuticle during application.

Peter Coppola Keratin Hair Treatment is a great product too for busy mums since it reduces the time required to straighten or blow dry hair. It is a semi-permanent product hence it does not alter the structure of hair.

Important info on Peter Coppola Keratin Hair Treatment

Shampoo hair: Shampoo your hair well especially if you had previously applied oil or styling products before application.

Shampoo your hair immediately after process time; 20 minutes for damaged hair and 50 minutes for virgin hair.

Follow the instructions that will come with the product, for more info, click the link above.

2. Inverto Brazilian Keratin Hair Blowout Treatment Formaldehyde Free-120ml with Conditioning hair mask and Shampoo

Inverto Revolution Complex Brazilian Keratin reviews
Inverto Brazilian Keratin reviews
-It is formaldehyde free

-It removes frizz and softens curls. It adds shine and silkness.

- Inverto Revolution Complex Brazilian Keratin comes with free Inverto 120ml mask and shampoo.

-It’s a keratin product by INVERTO REVOLUTION

-It has hydrolyzed keratin that will bind to your hair during the process of application.

Inverto Revolution Complex Brazilian Keratin Hair Blowout Treatment Formaldyde Free has instantaneous results hence no waiting for 3 days before washing and lasts more than 3 months.

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Inverto Revolution Complex Brazilian Keratin Hair Blowout Treatment Formaldehyde Free

With today busy lifestyle, you will come to realize that keratin treatment is a life changer in that your hair becomes more manageable, easy to straighten and shiny.

You can apply Inverto Revolution Complex Brazilian Keratin to chemically treated hair, natural or colored hair.

Follow instructions given so as to achieve the desired results.

How do Inverto Revolution Complex Brazilian Keratin Formaldehyde free work

It contains hydrolyzed keratin that is almost similar to our own hair. During the application of inverto keratin treatment, this keratin is bound to the hair and damaged hair is restored.

Colouring, bleaching and regular straightening of hair damages the outer layer of hair that comprises keratin. When the keratin is damaged, it gets broken down and wasted.

Inverto keratin treatment, therefore, restores the lost keratin leaving your hair looking healthy, shiny and soft.

Tips on using Inverto Keratin Treatment

Depending on your hair length and type, application time may take from 2 to 3 hours.  You need also a hair flat iron that can reach 450F and work on a place that is ventilated well.

Keratin Treatment designed for Afro Hair

3. Gold Label Professional Brazilian Keratin Blowout Hair Treatment-240 ml

Gold label Keratin treatment reviews
Gold label keratin treatment reviews
-It is specifically designed for afro hair-curly, thick, Dominican, African hair

-Suitable for other types of hair too, eliminates frizz and curls

-It is a keratin treatment by KERATIN RESEARCH company

- Keratin Research's Gold Label Keratin Treatment contains Argan, jojoba,grape and avocado oils for moisturizing effect hence no drying on hair after application.

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What we liked-Advantages of Gold Label Keratin Treatment

It is suitable for those looking for a strong and effective keratin treatment that will remove freeze and straighten hair.

Keratin Research’s Gold Label Keratin Treatment will save you countless hours that you take while flat ironing your hair since it softens and adds shine.

It lasts from 3 months, and is suitable for all types of hair but specifically designed for afro hairs.

What we did not like

During the application process of gold label keratin treatment, fumes are released that will irritate your eyes so make sure you work in a ventilated place.

The product contains formaldehyde but they did not specify its percentage.

Tips for Applying Gold label Keratin

Test a sample on your hair before applying it fully

-Read all provided instructions before using this gold label keratin treatment

-Depending on the length and type of your hair, the process can take from 1 and a half to 3 hours.

-Wear gloves when applying the treatment on hair

-Use a flat iron that can heat up to 450F

4. Brazilian Keratin Treatment Reviews

Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment 300ml
Brazilian Keratin hair treatment
-It is product by Keratin Research

-This is a keratin hair treatment with natural Argan Oil,coconut oil and proteins.

- Keratin Research keratin treatment actually straightens and smoothens hair capable of lasting 4 to 6 months.

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What we liked- Advantages of Brazilian Keratin treatment

This Brazilian keratin treatment by keratin research straightens hair and eliminates frizz. It repairs and conditions the hair leaving it feeling soft. A good keratin treatment like this saves you countless hours of blow drying or flat ironing since it straightens hair that is capable of lasting from 4 months.

It is a good remedy for busy working ladies and moms who don’t have a lot of time for their hair because it helps in maintaining hair straight.

What we did not like

-When heated, fumes are released that irritates the eyes

-percentage of Formaldehyde is not indicated on the product ingredients

Important Information on Brazilian Keratin treatment by Keratin Research

 -Perform a test during application

-Apply the Brazilian keratin in a ventilated area and put gloves.

-Always read instructions on any product label before using it

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