Fuck the bankers with a pitchfork

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Kamasi Washington — Heaven and Earth 2. Christine and the Queens — Chris 6. Idles — Joy as an Act of Resistance 7. Ryley Walker — Deafman Glance 8.
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We have another case of life imitating art: G4S. G4S seem to be repeatedly in the press for one debacle after another. In keys capable of opening every door at Birmingham Prison were lost. In the US, G4S guards allowed an year-old nun and two accomplices to break into a nuclear weapons facility ground zero for the Manhattan Project and the sole facility in the USA for storing enriched uranium and wander around for two hours daubing walls with slogans and blood. Numerous other incidents include two G4S armoured vehicles hijacked on an inside job in Kenya; an ex-guard robbing cash machines with codes he learned at the company; and a member of a five-man armoured-car crew shooting the other four and making off with the cash in Canada.
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Barack Obama, Pitchfork Protector

Maple Syrup Land This blog is about whatever captures my attention for more than 9 seconds. I like the funny and humour is incorporated heavily in my daily life, often to my consternation and your amusement. Also, I tend to swear a lot and laugh about inappropriate things, so you may want to back away slowly if you have delicate sensibilities and are offended by the odd f-bomb Friday, 19 April Quantum physics: The devils'pitchfork seems fitting Science is an awesome thing. Thanks to science we can cure diseases that use to automatically kills us, we know what gravity is and why we don't just fall off the planet and go hurtling off into space, and we can slack off at work playing Candy Crush and pinning pics of horrible outfits to our "Fashion, you are drunk" Pinterest boards. My problem with science is a I only understand enough of it to make me completely paranoid like the gravity thing, because what if gravity one day just stops and we do all fall off the planet??
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Something worse, even, than the fall of man. For in that greatest of all tragedies, we merely lost Paradise—and with it, everything that made life worth living. Notwithstanding, Talk Talk—yes, the same group who were once the airbrushed acolytes of Duran Duran—floated away with what is arguably one of greatest achievements in popular recorded music. Mark Hollis made an album for the ages and, unlike many of his classical predecessors, has lived to see it appreciated. It makes them feel good for no specific reason; it provides a pleasurable escape from the agitations of life.

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