Ijoy 2580 Massage Chair-All you need to know before you buy it

Ijoy 2580 Massage Chair Review

Ijoy 2580 massage chair is simply designed to provide massage on your neck, shoulders, and back.

Key features of the iJoy 2580 Massage Chair

  • It has 3 auto-massage programs aimed at delivering massage on the back, neck, shoulder and lower back.
  • It is a Recline massage chair with a full recline feature.
  • IJoy 2580 massage chair has a built-in control panel that is easy to use
  • This particular massage chair has other amenities like the cup holder and auxiliary power outlet.
  • Its simple design can fit in a user’s home or office without needing much space, unlike other massage chairs that are bulky.
  • IJoy 2580 massage chair replicates the massage techniques used by massage therapists like kneading, compression, rolling and percussion.
  • It is a Human touch massage chair: It uses human touch technology to deliver a unique massage experience.
  • Its shipping weight is 106 lbs hence not bulky

Final verdict

Pros of this IJoy 2580 massage chair

Its power outlet enables its user to charge a phone while enjoying a massage or a have a drink because there is cup holder feature.

-All its features are designed to give a relaxing massage and at the same time alleviate stress and pain on lower back, pain, and legs.

Cons of this IJoy 2580 massage chair

It is not a full body massage chair; there is no massage for legs, calves or feet so one will need to buy separate massage products for the same. It has no zero gravity positions.

-It has no heat therapy nor does it have the latest technology of body scan like the rest of the smart massage chairs reviewed before.

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