Buy hair extensions Bahrain-Call to buy 100% Human Hair

buy hair extensions Bahrain

Sale of Micro ring hair extension in Bahrain
buy hair extensions Bahrain

Our salon sells 100% human hair that is of high quality so it can last long when fixed on your hair. Many ladies wonder where to buy hair extensions Bahrain but wonder no more, contact us for an affordable price, 40 bd for individual pack of 100 grams.

This is certified virgin Indian hair that is available from 12 inches to 34 inches and you can get straight, wavy, curly or deep wavy. We sell too micro ring hair extensions with 50 or 100 strands of hair.

They come pre-bonded with keratin protein in the shape of a nail, just like the photo above so it is just fixing on your hair. Since it is 100% human hair, you can easily wash after fixing, styling, curling, flat ironing or coloring just like your own hair.

You need 100 strands of hair to fix full head or maximum 200 depending on the volume of your hair. They last 3 to 6 months if you take care of them and you can redo them again.

You can order the color that you want and we will do same day, free delivery all over Bahrain.

Best Hair Extensions Bahrain-Let us fix for you

Micro ring hair extensions are for ladies that want to add length or volume to their hair. Most ladies don’t know where or how to fix hair extension.

Our salon also offers micro ring hair extension fixing at an affordable price of 40 bd so visit this link to learn more about our micro ring hair extension fixing salon service.

We recommend micro ring hair extension fixing because it is the best technique of adding volume to your hair without anyone noticing it. The hair extensions strands are fastened discreetly near the scalp.

Fixing of micro ring hair extension in Bahrain is the best and newest technique because there is no sewing or gluing your hair so no damage is occurred to your natural hair.

Buy hair extensions Bahrain-Other hair extensions

Other types of hair extensions for sale include Clip-in Hair extension, Micro Ring Loop Hair Extension , tape hair extension, Nano Ring Hair Extension and  Flat Tape Hair Extension.

Hair weaves and wigs are also available, good quality.

Price of hair extension Bahrain

The human hair extension cost is 40 bd.

Contact us to buy human hair extensions Bahrain using the following:

Whatsapp: 973 36536591

Phone call: +973 36536591



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