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Freyr Enright3 wrote: He never said that the thought that the man he saw wearing black leather pants was gay In the strictest sense, yes. However given the logic of his sentence: "sees leather pants, thinks; what is it with gay men and leather pants? As I said in my post, I'd like to hear the logic of it. Then he goes on and apologizes for his own viewpoint regarding homosexuality.
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Time magazine, in reviewing Garland's Palace Theatre engagement, disparagingly noted that a "disproportionate part of her nightly claque seems to be homosexual". It goes on to say that "[t]he boys in the tight trousers" [3] a phrase Time repeatedly used to describe gay men, as when it described "ecstatic young men in tight trousers pranc[ing] down the aisles to toss bouquets of roses" to another gay icon, Marlene Dietrich [4] would "roll their eyes, tear at their hair and practically levitate from their seats" during Garland's performances. Time then attempted to explain Garland's appeal to the homosexual, consulting psychiatrists who opined that "the attraction [to Garland] might be made considerably stronger by the fact that she has survived so many problems; homosexuals identify with that kind of hysteria" and that "Judy was beaten up by life, embattled, and ultimately had to become more masculine. She has the power that homosexuals would like to have, and they attempt to attain it by idolizing her. He goes on, however, to advance the tragic figure theory as well. After first suggesting that "if [homosexuals] have an enemy, it is age. And Garland is youth, perennially, over the rainbow", [5] he wrote: Homosexuals tend to identify with suffering.
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I was tall, lean and lanky and generally regarded as attractive by both sexes. This was back in the disco era before AIDS when sexual ambiguity and promiscuity were at there height. Late one afternoon, I wandered into a small men's store intent on purchasing a new pair of jeans. There were two salesmen working and, the one I'd seen in the store on prior visits greeted me with a friendly smile.
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What a disaster!!! After one angry mob marched on his home and threatened to burn down the town square, the author was forced to retreat from public view. It leaves little mystery and encourages fear and outrage. Some men even develop sexual dysfunctions due to yoga pants. When that occurs, they seek gratification elsewhere, most often in the arms of other men.

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