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Massager Buying Guide

Why wait only when you have a birthday or holiday to get relaxing massage when you can treat yourself very well at the comfort of your home to the best hand held massager?

It will be able to completely sooth away pains using heat, stimulation methods etc. Our review company spent so many days researching and reviewing the best affordable, portable and quality handheld massagers. They include foot,back,hand held, neck, shoulder and leg massagers.

Why a hand held massager? First, they give almost the same experience of a professional massage therapist. They put some pressure on all knotted muscles and relieve tension on areas of the body that they are intended to.

Hand held massagers are specifically made for home or office use. They are simple to operate and carry.

Factors to Consider before buying the Best hand held massager

Any handheld massager should meet its expectation: offer pain relief & relaxation. They are designed in different styles and the following factors will explain more.

Focus areas

Handheld massagers excel better when designed for specific function and areas. As explained before, there are those only used for neck and shoulders, back etc. They have unique settings to regulate energy and offer lightest massage on sensitive areas. Deeper-tissue areas are served by higher power settings.

There are those handheld massagers that are purchased with changeable heads. These changeable heads increase the versatility of the massager. The heads also could be designed to use the central point to produce a lot of pressure on a single spot while others are designed to displace the pressure on to a larger part of our bodies.

Heat settings of a Handheld Massager

Heat therapy always reduces and eliminates pain while improving blood circulation in the body. Heat also relieves tension. The best handheld massager should have heat settings so as to adjust to the desired amount and offer a relaxing massage too. The handheld massager with heat settings provide more versatility than those without.

Power sources of hand held massager

Most handheld massagers require corded connection especially the powerful ones intended for deep tissue massage. Others operate using batteries as their power source and the advantage with these massagers is that they allow the user to have freedom of movement.

Now we will review the best 4 massagers we have tested so far and found to be top rated products too in Amazon.

Purewave Massager cm7Ohuhu MassagerNursal MassagerLulu wand Massager
By PadoUsA By Ohuhu By NursalBy Lulu
It is cordlessIt is not cordlessIt is not cordlessIt is cordless
Has no Heat functionHas no Heat functionHas Heat functionHas no Heat function
Uses Percussion massage &
Vibration massage
Uses Percussion massageUses Percussion massageUses vibration massage
Has 6 massage sticksHas 4 massage sticksHas 6 Interchangeable NodesHas 1 massage node
Has no soothing infrared lightHas soothing infrared lightHas no soothing infrared lightHas no soothing infrared light

1.Pure-Wave CM7 Extreme Power Massager Body + Facial (Dual Mode) for Foot, Legs, Neck, Back, Shoulders (Black)By Pado

pado pure wave massager

Features of Pure Wave Massager cm7

-It is exclusively sold on Amazon by PadoUsa. Pure wave is a full body massager; i.e. someone can use it on neck, facial, foot, legs, neck, back and shoulder.

-It is very much capable of relieving muscle tension, pains and knots. Pure wave cm7 offers deep tissue massage, trigger point massage, Swedish etc with its powerful motors.

-It allows its user to have the freedom of movement as  it is  cordless and yet powerful with dual motor control; in percussion (3,700 RPM) and vibration mode (up to 10,000 RPM). This portable body massager is capable of lasting more than 2 hours after being charged.  

 – pure wave by pado has  power settings so its user can adjust to speed intensity or vibration of their choice.

-It has a sleek design making it easy to massage the body with its long handle. The long handle also aids in accessing areas that are hard to reach. It is a perfect self massager. It is also portable; fitting easily in a suitcase or backpack.

-It has 6 massage sticks/heads. Some of those are point and oil stick. Point stick is able to remove knots  and reach areas that are not easy to access while oil stick is best used to massage with oils and creams especially the back of the body.

purewave massage sticks

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2. Ohuhu Percussion Electric Massager,Deep Tissue Handheld Massager for Neck Back Shoulders Leg Foot (Black)

Ohuhu percussion massager

About Ohuhu Massager

All people feel fatigued everyday. Why not bring Ohuhu massager to your home and pamper yourself? It is designed to relieve fatigue and pain, just like the rest of the handheld massagers reviewed here.

Among the handheld massagers reviewed here, Ohuhu massager is one of the most affordable and yet has more cool features.  (click on the link below to confirm price). It is a product of Ohuhu Company.

The main features of Ohuhu percussion massager include the following:

-Its repetitive percussion massage relieves muscles pain neck, legs, shoulders, back and feet.

-Ohuhu massager has 4 different heads which are designed for specific purpose. There is a point stick designed specifically for acupressure and reflexology, and 3 head stick massagers for thighs, waist, back, scalp, neck and arms.

-There are also 4 strength modes on this Ohuhu Percussion Electric massager.

R1 mode has no gap time during vibration and this is fit for drivers or office workers who sit for a long time during working.

 R2 has the longest gap during vibration and this is fit for teenagers.

R3 mode on this Ohuhu percussion massager has longer gap time during vibration and is fit for old people.

R4 has a shorter gap during vibration and is fit for housewives.

-Another unique feature of this percussion handheld massager is an infrared light which is soothing and revives body’s natural capacities.

-It has an automatic turn off mode because all its programs are designed to turn off after 15 minutes for the first use.

-Ohuhu massager has a sleek design and ergonomically designed handle to enable massaging any part of the body. It makes a perfect and great gift for athletes, office workers, drivers or anyone who experiences fatigues and pains frequently.

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3. NURSAL Interchangeable Nodes Massager, Handheld Deep Percussion and Heat, Variable Speed Adjustment and Anti Skid Design

Important features of Nursal Massager

-Does anyone have an annoying illness? By the use of this nursal hand held massager, one can eliminate  most pain like knee or shoulder injury.

-This Nursal handheld massager has variable speed adjustment; it’s easily adjustable gear supplies its user with a variable speed ranges.

-It has six interchangeable nodes in order to deliver different massage experience.Nursal interchangeable Nodes massager provides deep tissue massage and the user can change the different heads provided to experience other types of massages.

Unlike other hand held massagers reviewed here, Nursal massager has heat function with just one click, one is able to start heating easily and this improves circulation of blood in the body.

It is suitable in massaging head, neck, legs and other areas. Nursal massager is ergonomic & novel design with an anti-slip handle.

-It has a comfortable soft design that makes massaging easy. This makes it a good gift for parents or friends who experiences fatigue. For more information i.e weight and size; click on the link below.

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4. Cordless Massager by LuLu – Strongest Therapeutic Vibrating Power – Best Rated for Travel Gift – Magic Wand Hitachi Speed.

luluwand massager

Key features of Lulu wand Massager

Vibrations are important in releasing trigger points inside our bodies. Are your muscles sore from vigorous training the other day? this strongest vibrating lulu massager will relieve you from this pains.

-It has a high-quality motor giving the strongest healing vibrating power. The vibration power is capable of relieving muscle pains on hands, neck, shoulders, and feet. It’s also one of the best shiatsu back massager considering it has a strong vibrating power; this makes it awesome for people who work out or are in sports.

-It comes with a travel pouch and USB wall charger.

-It has a total of 8 intense speeds with its controls being easy to use.

The LuLu cordless massager also has a large capacity battery, the charge lasts up to 3 hours.

-Another unique feature of this lulu cordless massager is that its 100% waterproof hence can be used in the bathroom or near water areas. It is made of silky silicone that is safe on the skin.

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Each of this handheld massager reviewed here has their own unique beneficial features which make them top 4; according to our team of experts.

The best handheld massagers reviewed here either use percussion or vibration type of massaging or both. The pure wave massager uses both vibration and percussion type of massage. The handheld massagers that use percussion include  Ohuhu and Nursal massager while LuLu massager uses vibration.

Another important feature to put into consideration is cordless which allows its user to have freedom of movement. Pure wave and LuLu massagers are cordless.

-There are some that have more than 1 massage stick like pure wave massager, Ohuhu and Nursal handheld held massagers which is an added advantage considering different massage sticks delivers different kinds of massage.

-The heat feature: this is an added advantage to users. Nursal massager has this feature which aids in blood circulation in the body.

If you were looking for a foot massager, we have good foot massagers reviews here, click this link to learn more.



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