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The best way to relieve your feet’ aches and tension is a feet massage offered by the best foot spa reviewed here. Not only is it affordable but convenient as one gets at the comfort of their home. Many people ignore taking care of their feet which are important parts of our body. Also known as foot bath massager, foot spa machine or foot soaker, these pedicure equipment will clean and pamper your feet at your home or salon.

ImageProduct NameFeaturesPrice
brookstone foot spaBrookstone Heated Foot Spa-Features rotating jets
-has built in heat
-Has pumice stone accessory
-features 2 rolling massage nodes
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homedics heated foot spaHomedics Foot Spa-Has built in heat
-Features 4 massage nodes
-comes with pedicure attachments
-Features a splash guard
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kendal foot spa machineAll in One Foot Spa-Features a digital display,heat therapy & bubbles
-Has massage rollers
-can preset time & temperature
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conair foot spa machineConair Foot Spa-Has massage attachment
-Features toe touch control
-Has vibration nodes for massage
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Foot Spa

Foot spa is the treatment given to relax, and clean our feet. The treatment procedure involved to achieve this with the help of a foot spa machine includes:

how to use a foot spa machine

Soaking feet in a foot spa

This is the first step of soaking your feet in a foot spa filled with warm water. The water is mixed with some special salts, soap and essential oil which help in removal of calluses, detoxification and provide aromatherapy. Heat therapy is achieved by soaking of feet in warm water.

Soaking is recommended for 10 to 20 minutes.

Reflexology in a foot spa massager

Also known as reflexology, foot care provided by foot spas can achieve massaging certain pressure points on our feet that will bring relief to our bodies. There are reflex points on our feet that relate to some organs on our body.

Stimulating these feet points with pressure promotes general health to the entire body via body energetic pathways. The foot spa massaging technique of kneading, rotation, and rubbing provides a deeply relaxing treatment which can be felt on the whole body. An important point to note is that working on specific points on feet brings therapeutic effect on different parts of our bodies.

Foot scrub-Final Treatment

The foot spa treatment will end with foot scrubbing to remove callus and application of lotion and nail polish. A good spa machine will be able to maintain the warm temperature during the whole procedure, heat the water up a bit and the best models reviewed here will have bubbles, water jets, textured bottoms, and motorized rollers. Read your foot spa manual to fully understand how it works since each model is designed differently. You can purchase foot scrub kit below.

Foot Spa Machine Benefits

The best foot spa will pamper the ached feet, detoxify, cleanse and re-energize your feet. As discussed on foot reflexology, foot spas treatment tends to benefit the whole body. With their advanced features of heat, rollers, jets, and vibrations, the following benefits will be achieved;

 Promote blood circulation

Heat in the warm water encourages blood flow hence good circulation of blood is achieved through the body.

Relieve Tension and Aches

Foot spa massages relieve tension and aches on the feet and body. The rollers and vibrations will exert pressure on reflex points on feet hence promoting general health to both feet and body.

Best foot Spa treatment reduce Edema in Pregnant Women

The swelling that is called by fluid retention on feet and legs on pregnant women is so common especially in the last months of pregnancy. This problem can be eased by a good spa treatment at home as professional massages can be expensive every day.

10 to 20 minutes a day soaked in warm water will do the trick. Massages provided by a foot spa machine will certainly relieve pain and swelling but discuss first with your doctor before using one.

A foot bath massager lowers blood pressure

Soaking your feet in water brings a feeling of calmness and relaxation. A study on foot massage has proved that several sessions per week have resulted in lowering anxiety, blood pressure and improving mood. Generally, a good foot spa will put you in a relaxed state hence dealing with your depression and anxiety.

Furthermore, the essential oils added on a foot soak provide aromatherapy further calming your mind. Good too for easing constant headache pain but first seek medical help to diagnose the cause of your headaches.

The heat also improves the circulation of blood hence a contributing factor in lowering blood pressure.

Removal of Calluses by a Foot Soaker

Foot soaker softens very well tough skin on feet and ankles subsequently making it easy to remove calluses. One of the primary reason and benefit of a foot spa is exfoliation and this is achieved by soaking the feet on the water.

 Additional of soap, essential oils, salts, and scrubbing will leave your feet clean, soft and glowing. Bacteria, fungi, and dirt are completely removed and this is a good remedy against smelly feet.

Foot Spa Features

These are some criteria or top features we considered in preparing this spa foot buying guide.

Heat function of a Spa Foot Machine- heated foot spa

The best foot spa should have built-in heat feature; it should be a heated foot bath. Average or cheap foot spa machines require using warm water and they do not heat the water or keep it warm.

Massage Quality

The foot spas we have reviewed here not only offer good quality massages using their vibrations, heat, and rollers but soak the feet for cleansing. Some have motorized rollers where you don’t need to move your feet.

looking for a foot massager? Click here to read our best foot massagers reviews.

Comfort and Ease of use of the Foot Spa

A good foot spa machine controls should be easy to operate and should evoke calmness, no noise should be emitted.

Cost and Quality of Best foot spa

The higher the price, the more it will be luxurious. This does not mean that affordable ones reviewed here will not meet your needs.

Durability is an important factor when purchasing any item. Luckily we recommended durable foot spas for you which will not break down the next day.


Make sure you buy a foot spa large enough to fit your feet, or that has room for feet to be comfortable and flat.

-Ensure to read instructions or reviews like this one on using additives like essential. Some are not designed to use salts, oils, or milk as some are labelled water only. If you like adding flower petals, vodka, fresh herbs, salts and essential, purchase foot spas that allow this kind of additional ones, read the user manual to learn when to add and when not.

Make sure your product allows additives, if it’s not, it might cause clogging and finally stop working.

Best Foot Spas Reviews

  1. Brookstone Heated Foot Spa Reviews

Features of the Product-best foot spa with heat

It is a jet foot spa, features rotating jets for relaxation massage

-Brookstone foot spa has built-in heat to relax tired feet, heats water to 115˚F and maintains the temperature

-There is a removable pumice stone for exfoliating dry skin.

-This foot spa machine features 2 rolling nodes for the foot massage.

– Brookstone Heated Foot Spa fits 14 size feet

Click to buy on Amazon

  1. Homedics Foot Spa Reviews- best foot spa with heat

homedics foot spa

-Homedics foot spa has built-in heat, has the power to heat cold water to 98˚F and maintains this temperature.

-Contains 4 pressure massage nodes, this provides kneading massage to tired feet.

-Homedics foot bath comes with pedicure attachments or accessories, they include the pumice stone, a massage roller, and a cleansing brush. Locate these accessories in the machine’s built-in storage.

-It features a splash guard to prevent spills, has the option of putting bubbles and comes with an instruction manual.

Read other Users Reviews

3.All in One Foot Spa

kendal best foot spa

It’s a Kendal Company Product

-Features digital display, heating therapy, and bubbles massage

– Kendal all in one-foot spa features rollers for the foot massage

-You have the option of presetting temperature and time for the massage.

-Kendal Foot Bath Massager is designed with a temperature resistant plastic.

Click to Check Price on Amazon

4. Conair Foot Spa-Pedicure Spa with Vibration

conair best foot spa

-It’s a foot spa by Conair Company

-it is rated as the best seller on Amazon meaning many users have bought and liked it.

-Conair foot spa has massage attachments

-This foot bath features a toe touch control for vibration and heat

-Conair foot spa machine features vibration nodes for massage

Click to read more Reviews & buy on Amazon

What to put in foot spa water

1.Oil Foot Soak

Importance Of Oil Foot Soak

It aids in the cleansing of feet and acts as a natural deodorizer leaving your feet smelling good

-It soothes aching foot muscles

-Aids in removing dead skins, bacteria, and fungi hence doing away with odours and athletes food disease.

2. Epsom’s Salts

Have the same benefits as oil soaks when included in a foot spa

-They help in removal of calluses or dead skin

-Kill bacteria and fungi

-Leaves your skin looking healthy

Essential Oils

Oils like lavender rosemary oil, cedarwood oil have antiseptic and antifungal properties.


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