Home Massage Service Bahrain

Home Massage Service Bahrain

Hello there,

My name is natasha,am a female, and I offer home massage service here in baharain at the comfort of your house or hospital. I am qualified to do professional deep tissue, shiatsu and relaxation massage.

I practice this in a licensed classic spa located here in Bahrain and I am available too in the evening where most people come home from work tired. I will come with what is needed.

Do you wake up most mornings tired and you have not done any job? Get rid of those constant tensions, knots and fatigue on your body muscles the natural way. My professional massage will help you relax your body and mind.

Home Therapeutic Massage

If  your body has pain or you have stiff muscles, inform when contacting so i carry pain killer creams.

Here are my contacts:

Whatsapp: Natasha is on vacation for 2 weeks (Ramadhan Kareem)

Phone call:


 Salon Services offered at Home in Bahrain

The salon that i work offers salon services at home. As the beautician there,i do the following salon services comfortably at your home:

facial,micro ring hair extension fixing, pedicure/manicure, waxing etc