Hi, my name is Natasha, female, and I offer home massage service Bahrain at the comfort of your house or hospital. I am qualified to do professional deep tissue and relaxation massage.

Home Massage Service Bahrain

Home Massage Service Bahrain

I am available too in the evening where most people come home from work tired. I will come with what is needed.

Do you wake up most mornings tired and you have not done any job? This is tension and fatigue that have built up on your body.  Get rid of those constant tensions, knots, and fatigue on your body muscles the natural way. My professional massage will help you relax your body and mind.

Home Therapeutic Massage

If your body has pain or stiff muscles, inform when contacting so i carry painkiller creams.

Here are my contacts:

Natasha is on vacation now

Back Massager

If you are tired of booking massage because of disapointments of massage therapists failing to come when you really need them, it is the right time you own a massager like a massage chair or a massage cushion that will relieve you stress, back pain, and tension, click here to read them.

Foot massagers are great too for feet and you can buy these on Amazon, a trusted e-commerce site through the links provided at the guide.

Why buy Back Massager

Massage chairs, massage cushion and foot massagers will provide massage whenever you want, no more disappointments. These massage products will deliver hours of massage without getting tired, unlike a massage therapist who can get tired quickly after 2 hours of nonstop massage.

Back massagers will keep giving the same quality massages, and the link above has more explanation on the types of massages given by these massage products. They are the perfect remedy for muscle pain and tension and source of relaxation.

You will not spend any more on massages or booking appointments once you own your massage cushion or massage chair.

 Mobile Salon Bahrain

Our salon offers services at the comfort of your home, office or hospital. As a beautician there,i do the following salon services comfortably at your home:

-facial, micro ring hair extension fixing, pedicure/manicure, waxing etc