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Freud is popularly, though inaccurately, considered the father of psychology. He, and Darwin, produced ideas that changed the world, and it is difficult, nowadays, to appreciate their courage in doing so. Indeed, Darwin spent many years preparing his case, before he dared to publish his work. Linnaeus, too, when he developed his classification of different species, the foundation of modern taxonomy, initially placed in humans in a genus of their own, understanding what the public reaction would be. Even so, many were outraged that he even included humans in the next higher classification, in the same order as apes and monkeys. For centuries, we had believed that human beings were unique in the world, then Darwin came along and suggested that we were a specialised form of animal.
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Humans choose their partners strictly according to Dr. Freud's laws of psychology

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Freud and Psychoanalysis

By Kelly Bishop Sept 10 Freud has a twisted version of this theory. According to Freud, that is why in our youth, daughters will begin to argue with their mothers while cozying up to their fathers. As children, we immediately form a close bond with the parent of the opposite sex. A father is the first male a young girl creates a relationship with, so he inevitably becomes her ideal male mate throughout life.
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Oedipus complex

David Grubin Productions As Freud struggled to learn the most secret things about himself, his childhood was coming back in a rush of discovery, disconnected memories and dreams, he recalled a nightmare about his mother from which he had awakened in tears, screaming. FREUD: "It was very vivid and showed me my beloved mother with a peculiarly calm, sleeping facial expression, being carried into the room by [people] with bird beaks. Not only was it a nightmare at the time, but Freud could never forget it. For Freud, dreams were riddles, sometimes hiding their secrets by playing with words. In the dream, Freud had seen the German word "vogel," meaning bird.
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My own personal experience of this was especially strong when I lost my father in dramatic circumstances in September , in my native country of Bulgaria, two months before the fall of the Berlin Wall. While mourning, I could only talk about this through writing a novel. Whether we are believers or non-believers, we are all affected by the cultural-religious environment in which we move. My conviction is that our psychoanalytic attention could lead to important advances in this field, on which will depend the future of psychoanalysis. As children of the Enlightenment, and as disciples of Freud, we have tended to rush to confirm the death of God, and were somewhat blinded to the complexities and to the paradoxes which abound in the history of religion, especially as they pertain to the role of the father, both living and dead.

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