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A few years before, it was not easy to find an African wife but with the modern technology of internet, it is easy to find &contact one, know each other and marry. This is because African dating opportunity has risen over the past years as more women have emigrated from the rural areas to urban areas where it is to access internet etc.

African Dating Culture

Something worthwhile to note is that in rural areas, traditional marriage customs like payment of dowry is still observed.  However, some traditions are not strongly observed like it used to be in the past as African women have become more aware of other cultures. Dowry is gifts given to parents as a appreciation of taking their daughter for marriage. These gifts could be in form of unspecified cash or anything you might agree between you and your fiancée.

Please note: Before getting yourself an African wife, ask if in her family or culture they observe any traditions because some tribes are known to ask dowry before marriage. However, don’t be put off by this; it’s a harmless tradition which is not observed by all especially those that live in towns or cities.

Also, in some countries where the African women are educated, there has been an increase in rebellion against the village elders who demand dowry or bride price as this considers them a commodity. This has resulted in a sense of equality between African men and African women.

African culture is different from the western. In some African countries, African ladies are expected to be house wives and take care of their husbands and kids. However, this has changed a lot with many African women embracing education and many are continuing with their career after marriage.

Before you marry, it is important to discuss some of these issues. Have an open communications on what to expect on your marriage.

Language Barrier: Go for an African woman whom you can communicate properly otherwise it can lead to big misunderstanding and even breakups. However, this is not a big problem because most African ladies are educated and English is taught in schools.

African Wife-What makes them a good choice in Marriage

Something to note is that African women have great respect and love for their boyfriend or husband. Many good virtues have been instilled to them by their parents when growing up so an African lady makes a good wife compared to some women who don’t have respect for their husband.

That’s why there are not many divorce cases in African families. One is guaranteed that their marriage will last when you marry an African lady.

 Dating African Woman

Dating an African woman has been easy. This is because there has been an arising of African ladies looking to be wives of western men so it will not be difficult getting an African bride.  Same with western men; there has been an arising of western men looking to marry an African woman.

Sexy African Women

There are many African sexy women who like to keep fit as this is also beneficial to one’s health. Sexy African women can be Kenyans, Ethiopians, South Africans, Ghana etc. They have embraced inward and outward beauty.

 Kenyan young women are social and you can spot sexy Kenyan women at a club or parties. Other places to spot a sexy kenyan woman is placing a personal ad like on this site where there is one, you can click the link below to reply where its free to view the profile or placing yours.

When you are dating sexy African women or ordinary ones, they expect you treat them nicely, or pay expenses if you went out etc.

African Dating Sites-for an African Wife

 There are a lot of African dating sites, even dating apps but most of them charge money for you to access their services. They often write registration is free but not sending and receiving message in their site. These are premium services which one is forced to pay or abandon their profiles making most people discouraged to find an African wife.

There are free African dating sites like this one where you do not pay to view the listed personal ad or place yours. Good news is, no registration is required, only small info is required about yourself in order to list your personal advert.

African dating opportunities are many for western and African men too. For western men who want to get an African wife, internet is the best platform to use.

You must be careful when dating online because some African men pose as women on dating site in order to scam you. Verify several times the lady you are talking to is the one on the photos she has posted on her dating profile. You can do this by video calling you talk face to face which is possible through Skype or Whatsapp.

If you get your potential African wife, be honest and give information about your country, who you are, your job, and your expectations in your marriage etc.

Some of these African women don’t really know the western culture and it can cause friction in your relationship or marriage so being transparent with each other is recommended.

I love African women

This is a phrase commonly uttered by men who are looking for an African wife. Before you marry an African lady, first decide from which country you want to get one. It is easy to book a flight and go to Nairobi which is the capital city of Kenya, Addis Ababa capital city of Ethiopia, Ghana, Uganda, South Africa etc.

Do your home work about the African country you want to get your bride before you travel, its present political situation, hotel to stay, car rentals or if you will opt for taxi.

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