6 Best manicure Table Reviewed for Salon or Home Use (Tried and Tested)

affordable nail table

Welcome to manicure table Reviews Most women go to nail salon atleast twice a month and get their nails, feet and hands done as well as other services. Infact, every woman go to a spa or salon in order to look pretty. Nail salon is a beauty service establishment that offers care to the nails […]

Salon Hair Dryer Reviews – The Best Bonnet Hair Dryer

Icarus Bogart Beauty Salon hair Dryer Chair with Box Dryer

If you have very long or thick hair, you will understand the struggle of drying it after washing or taking a shower. Hand drying is sometimes not an option, especially if you are in a hurry. You can dry your hair and wrap it in a towel for an hour and still look like you […]

Wax Warmer Reviews – The Latest Electric Wax Warmers In Detail.

gigi wax warmer

Unwanted body hair can be a nuisance for many reasons. Hair under the armpits or on the legs is considered unsightly for women in many cultures whilst facial hair can cause self esteem issues. For men, body hair is often removed for vanity reasons or because in warmer climates, too much hair can be uncomfortable […]

Titanium Flat Iron Reviews – Titanium Vs Ceramic Flat Iron

titanium flat iron

Have you ever seen a woman with perfectly straight, shiny hair and asked yourself “How does she do it?”. After all, surely she doesn’t visit the salon everyday? The chances are she has a titanium flat iron at home and makes good use of it. A titanium flat iron is a home beauty appliance that […]

Vanity Mirror With Lights – The Best Lighted Makeup Mirror Review

vanity Mirror with lights

Vanity Mirror With Lights Review.  We all like to look our best but women especially take extra care of their facial appearance and cleansing routine. Applying various lotions, serums, moisturisers and most importantly for many, makeup can be a chore. Applying cosmetics in a dimly lit room can be frustrating and messy at best but […]

Kendal Foot Massager Reviews – A Guide For Buyers

kendal foot massager

Kendal Foot Massager Reviews Many of us spend a large proportion of our day on our feet whether its walking to and from work or standing in a queue waiting to be served. As our feet take our entire bodyweight, they can be under a lot of stress and even pain. There is nothing like […]