kahuna lm6800-(Kahuna Massage Chair lm6800 Complete Review)

kahuna lm6800

kahuna lm6800 is a massage chair by Kahuna brand. It is a full body massage chair that will target your upper back, lower back, and lower body. The massage techniques offered range from shiatsu, tapping, kneading and rolling. Features of Kahuna lm6800 Chair – Kahuna lm6800 massages the entire back and lower body.  -Has 6 […]

Best foot massager for diabetics

best foot massager for plantar fasciitis

Are foot massagers safe for Diabetics? As a Pharmacist, I would recommend you get foot massage if you have diabetes. This is because the best foot massager for diabetics not only relieves pain but improves blood circulation in your feet. Diabetics can affect the body especially legs and feet in a bad way hence it […]

Reclining shampoo chair with footrest – (Guide, Comprehensive Guide and Reviews)

shampoo chairs

Every beauty salon that is planning to styles their customers’ hair need to purchase a reclining shampoo chair with footrest. You need a salon hair washing bowl chair that will work best in your salon. It is therefore important to consider some factors before purchasing one which I have discussed in this article. For instance, […]

Best Foot Spa-Everything you need to know about foot spas

best foot spa machine

The best way to relieve your feet’ aches and tension is a feet massage offered by the best foot spa reviewed here. Not only is it affordable but convenient as one gets at the comfort of their home. Many people ignore taking care of their feet which are important parts of our body. Also known […]

Manicure table reviews-6 Best manicure Tables Reviewed for Salon or Home Use

affordable nail table

If you are a mobile beautician, you should know that it is not professional to do a manicure on your customer’s dinner tables. Buy a portable manicure table like the one below that will ease your work and make it look professional. Giantex Portable Manicure Nail Table Station -It is a manicure table by a […]

Best Wax Warmer – The Latest Electric Wax Warmers In Detail

gigi electric wax warmer

Traditionally body hair removal wax was heated in a wax warmer with a tea light candle or even a paraffin lamp but these are often unreliable and can result in overheating or even burning the wax. The modern method is to use an electric wax warmer like this that provides consistent regulated heat. gigi wax […]

Titanium Flat Iron- Titanium Vs Ceramic Flat Iron Guide

titanium flat iron

Have you ever seen a woman with perfectly straight, shiny hair and asked yourself “How does she do it?”. After all, surely she doesn’t visit the salon every day? The chances are she has a titanium flat iron at home and makes good use of it. A titanium flat iron is a home beauty appliance […]

vanity mirror with bulbs- The Best Lighted Makeup Mirror Review

vanity Mirror with bulbs

A vanity mirror with bulbs is essential for professions such as hairdressers and makeup artists. But what about for home use? You don’t visit a salon every day so why not treat yourself to a makeup mirror with light bulbs for your own home? When you visit your local salon or spa, you will notice […]

Kendal Foot Massager- A Complete Guide for Buyers

kendal foot massager

There is nothing like getting home from work and putting your feet up to chill out to a Kendal foot massager. An even better way to relax and soothe those tired feet is a foot massage. Kendal Foot Massager Guide Many of us spend a large proportion of our day on our feet whether it […]

Facial Cleansing Brush- Skincare Tips For Women

Facial Cleansing Brush

A facial cleansing brush is more of a necessity than a luxury in today’s society. This is because pollution and dust levels are increasing every day and our skin is often exposed to this. Washing your face twice just doesn’t prevent the build-up of grease and dirt in our delicate pores. f Considering the technology and advancement […]

Massage Oil Warmer-Click for Complete Reviews and Buyers Guide

Massage Oil Warmer

Warming oil in a massage oil warmer before applying to a customer helps a lot in creating a relaxation sensation. When you are preparing to be massaged, there is nothing worse than the sensation of cold oil hitting your skin. Warming massage oil in your palms before applying can help but is not very efficient. […]

Buy hair extensions Bahrain-Call to buy 100% Human Hair

buy hair extensions Bahrain

Many ladies wonder where to buy hair extensions Bahrain but wonder no more, you can get them delivered at your doorstep when you order online on Amazon, read this article to learn how. Sale of Micro ring hair extension in Bahrain Where to Buy hair extensions Bahrain Our salon recommends you buy hair extensions from Amazon, […]

Keratin Hair Treatment Bahrain-Click for a Complete Guide

Keratin Hair Treatment Bahrain

Our Keratin Hair Treatment Bahrain Are you longing for a smoother and straighter hair?  our keratin hair treatment Bahrain will deliver what you are looking for. Keratin treatments restore lost proteins leaving your hair shiny, soft, manageable and straight. Keratin treatment is designed for dull and damaged hair. If you are looking for a beautiful hair […]

Micro ring hair extension fixing in Bahrain-Call to make your hair longer

Micro ring hair extension fixing in Bahrain

About Micro ring hair extension fixing in Bahrain Micro ring hair extension fixing in Bahrain is the newest and best technique in Bahrain of adding length and volume to your natural hair. There is no braiding involved, glue, heating or even sewing. It is as simple as fixing the hair extension strands with micro ring […]

saloniture massage table reviews


 About Saloniture portable Massage Table I always see my massage therapist use Saloniture massage table when I visit her weekly. It is not only her relaxing massage that I am addicted to but the portable massage table am on. It provides the best comfort with its 2.5 inches thick deluxe cushioning. Important Features of this […]

Sierra Comfort- Tried and Tested

sierra comfort

 About Sierra Comfort Portable Massage Table When it comes to stress relief systems, portable massage tables like Sierra comfort top up the list. Portable massage tables offer the best platform to get a massage, are cost-effective and designed to save space. So whether you are a massage therapist or homeowner looking for massage table for […]

EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table-Read this honest Review before Buying


About Earthlite Portable Massage Table It is a portable massage table by a famous brand called Earthlite. Established in 1987, they have been among the largest massage Equipment. Important Features of Earthlite Portable Massage Table This massage bed has super comfort features and they include the following: -This portable massage table has American hard maple […]

Ijoy 2580 Massage Chair-All you need to know before you buy it

Ijoy 2580 Massage Chair Review Ijoy 2580 massage chair is simply designed to provide massage on your neck, shoulders, and back. Key features of the iJoy 2580 Massage Chair It has 3 auto-massage programs aimed at delivering massage on the back, neck, shoulder and lower back. It is a Recline massage chair with a full […]

Osaki Os 4000 Reviews -Read this before Buying

Osaki Massage Chair Review    Here is a thorough review of Osaki Os 4000 massage chair: Key features of Osaki Os 4000 The PU covering of this massage chair has been upgraded to increase its durability. It has 6 pre-set programs to choose, LCD full size remote for easy use. This one has a wireless […]

Waxing in Bahrain-Call to receive our home waxing

Save yourself from the stress of traffic in Bahrain by calling our home waxing in Bahrain at the comfort of your house, hotel, office or even hospital.  With the revolution of delivery of goods and services in Bahrain, why not home waxing? -A polite, experienced beautician will come to you to do waxing. -disposable towel, […]

Home Salon Services Bahrain-Call to request our Mobile Salon Services

home salon services bahrain

With the modern age of delivery of services like food, cleaners, groceries, why not home salon services Bahrain? Home Salon Services Bahrain It is very possible with us where you get our home salon services Bahrain delivered to your home or hotel. We are 1 phone call away, no hassles of booking appointments, finding time […]

Nairobi Massage-Call for our different types of Massages

Massage in juffair

Call me Natasha, female, to request Nairobi Massage. I do deep tissue massage, relaxation massage, therapeutic massage and shiatsu in the comfort of your home, hotel or even hospital. I have been outside the country for some time but am back now. Contacts Whatsapp: +973 36536591 Call: +254714195554 Email: nashmaeva@gmail.com   I am available too […]

Best handheld Massager for knots-(Reviews and Buyers Guide)

Why the best handheld massager for knots? First, they give almost the same experience as a professional massage therapist. They put pressure on all knotted muscles and relieve tension on areas that they are intended to. In a hurry? Here are the best handheld massagers for knots at a glance Best HandHeld Massager for Knots […]

Shiatsu Massage Chair Zero Gravity-(Review,Buying Guide & Table)

Get rid of unending pain, aches, and fatigue the natural way with a shiatsu massage chair zero gravity. A good massage provided by the top rated massage chair is an alternative medicine that improves the circulation of blood, calm nerves and most important, relaxes tired bodies. With the modern technology, massage is not only available […]

Lightweight Portable Massage Table-Comparison Table, Reviews & Buyers Guide

Whether you are a qualified masseuse looking for the lightest massage table on the market for your business or a homeowner looking for one for your home therapy visits, a portable massage table is the best bet for you. In a hurry? Here are the best lightest massage tables on the market at a glance […]

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