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Come join me in Bahrain

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I am a 31 year old beautician female, from Kenya and now in Bahrain Island. I am into self employment here and is my blog. I have travelled other countries and am a blogger too.

The reason I created this platform of BlackWhiteMeet is to get a serious man to know each other and marry. I have been frustrated at interracial dating websites, sometimes my profile being blocked for no reason.

No problem if you are not in Bahrain, come and join me, it is easy to get visa here and i live alone.If you cannot live with me because of unavoidable circumstances, we can marry here and I will return with you or whichever suit both of us.

Once i get someone serious who is willing to meet, I will delete my personal ad and I will place others for free.

Reply if this suits you. Am ready for skype/Whatsapp video calls, etc to prove you are speaking to a genuine, serious African lady looking for an interracial relationship.


Whatsapp: +254714195554

About BlackWhiteMeet

What is the most important quality that you will consider when dating at BlackwhiteMeet? It should be love and good manners of the lady or man you will meet. But if you are one of the people that must marry from same religion or caste, then you are not looking for true love.

True love is beyond all this, it’s beyond race, color, qualification. Love cannot be measured using all this criteria. The qualities of a person matters be it a rich or poor, educated, or not educated.

Reasons to Date a Black Woman

Exploring different culture: The fascination to experience a different culture is what drives white men to want a black wife. This new experience fills them with love for their spouses and everything that comes with them.

Good virtues: Black women are known to have respect for their husbands. This is because good virtues were instilled to them by their parents when they were growing up so be sure your marriage will last when you marry a black woman, same from black woman at this platform blackwhitemeet.

Opposite attract. In most cases, people from different races attract each other. This is no exception with black and white singles. The fascination of exploring new culture is what leads to black and white dating.

Interracial People Meet

This is the platform where interracial people meet, one of the best places for interracial dating, be it black, white etc. People hailing from different cultural backgrounds looking for long term dating or marriage meet here.

Interracial chat: Through this platform of blackwhitemeet, replying to the classified personal adverts listed is free unlike other premium interracial sites that charge to do so. Email and other instant messaging services will be listed on the personal ad so it can be easy to communicate.

Interacial Black Girls

There are many black girls at interracial dating websites looking for interracial relationships. Many interracial dating websites charge you to use their services. They often state sign up is free but for you to contact the interracial black girls there, you have to subscribe to their premium plans.

If you have some money to spare, you can pay at this sites but bear in mind they have lengthy sign ups where you fill several forms. Your profile can also be blocked for no reason, and some other restrictions when dating at their sites.

Important tips to consider when dating interracial

1.Compatibity: Your goal when dating at blackmeetwhite or interracially dating is finding someone compatible, someone you can love. When i mention someone compatible, I mean someone you share interests, someone you can live with for the rest of your life.

Nobody will come perfect packaged the way you want because nobody is perfect.

2.Interracial Dating is not for insecure people. If you are one of those people that seek validation from friends, then this type of relationship is not for you. It might bring judgment rather than approval. Just live your life with your loved one if you want to be in an interracial relationship.

3.There will be cultural differences. All people are not same. Each of you will come from different cultural backgrounds. Torelance and open mindness will help a lot in your relationship. Myself I am always fascinated about other cultures hence cultural differences is not a hindering factor to me.







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