Best Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Also known as sports therapy,most people consider deep tissue massage as the best massage because it completely relieves all aches and tension on the body. It is a deeper form of neuromuscular massage that concentrates on areas of knots. It’s mostly useful for athletes that have overexerted their muscles due to long strenuous exercise. It combines heat therapy, hot oil, and stretching and deep tissue massage.

Swedish Massage:

Depending on one needs, Swedish or relaxation massage can be the preferred massage. It is most known for its slow and gentle strokes. A massage therapist employs gentle pressure in order to relax the body, improve blood circulation, ease muscle pain and tension.

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This is also one of the best massage. It is a deeper massage that combines touch and pressure along nerve and muscle fibers.  It is used to relieve “knots” in the lower back, neck, and shoulders.  Although these are the most prevalent areas, you can accumulate knots anywhere you have both nerve and muscle tissue.  Knots are simply a build-up of lactic acid.  Knots can be formed from staying in one position for extended periods of time, or also from overexerting the muscles.


Massage of the scalp with both light fingertip and pressure point massage.

Sinus Facial:

Combines both heated towel therapy and pressure point sinus to help relieve pressure in the facial sinus.

4 Hand:

Two therapists at once.  One therapist uses the Swedish technique while the other applies  deep tissue or swedish massage if you prefer.  You choose the therapist.  This massage is great for working on problem areas and getting the most work done in the shortest amount of time. Hot towel therapy can also be used. You can also do this in the sugar scrub or clay tea mud wrap. This massage will need advanced notice to assure availability.

Hot Towel Therapy:

Hot towels are placed at various points on the body to create a soothing and relaxing effect then removed slowly before they cool.  This treatment also works well to release knots.

Sugar Honey Scrub:

Warm sugar is applied as you are wrapped in hot steam towels.  With a warm towel the sugar is removed and your skin is scrubbed clean.  Warm honey is applied and a Swedish massage is performed.  Once again you are wiped clean with warm towels and a soft aloe is applied for the finishing touch.  This is repeated on the front.

White Tea Clay Mud Steam Wrap:

This is a gentler than the Sugar Scrub, but just as effective.  White Tea Clay Mud is applied as you are wrapped in hot steam towels.  With a warm towel the clay is removed and your skin is scrubbed clean.  Warm honey is applied and a Swedish massage is performed.  Once again you are wiped clean with warm towels and a soft aloe is applied for the finishing touch.  This is then repeated on the front.  This is great for hypoallergenic skin or acne prone.









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